Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stoppin in to say Hey Whatz Up?

Here are just a few of the things that have been keeping me busy!! A lot of special orders and a lot of sewing here at the Funky Farm House!! I love being busy and I also love that people love my gigs!! Fall is in the air!! and now it's time for me to start thinkin about Christmas goodies!! It will be here before we know it!! I've got some things in my head!! Now just some more time to get em going!!
Hope you guys are havin a great FALL!! and lot's of Pumpkin Spice goodies!!
and thinkin about what to make with your Turkey for Thanksgiving!!
I know I am!! haha maybe a few to much goodies!! And I love me some pumpkin pie with cool whip!! Thank God it only happens once a year!! Don't forget to change your clocks back next weekend!! Hey we get an extra hour of sleep!! Ha I think it messes me up!! My schedule is always an hour off somehow!!
Peace Out!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Well Happy Labor Day Guys!!!

Here it is Labor Day already!! Summer is almost gone!! But we still have Indian Summer to look forward to. AND I believe it is gonna be warm for awhile!!
This is my new creation!! My "HIPSTER DUDE" that is up cycled onto some pretty jazzy items. I truly had a blast thinkin n makin him up!! I love his bow tie!! It was fun to make!!
Have a groovey day whatever you are doing!!
XOXO Love Fran.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hope you are havin a groovey summer guys!!

So I had this doll in my head and I just couldn't get it out!! So on my vacation I cut it out and got busy makin her!! OMG she turned out more amazing than I could imagine!! She's very detailed with a sweet lil face!!
Ok here's the story
She is "THE TOMATO WHISPER" Are you confused?
 Aw she is a tomato WORM doll!! She's jazzy green and looks very much like a green tomato worm!! She whispers and the tomatoes come right to her!! She has a tomato pin keep that comes with her. And also a groovey worm on the bottom of her grubby dress to let the tomatoes know who's boss. She is dirty (very grubby) from being in the garden watching and whispering!!
August is tomato thyme!!
She's available in my Etsy Shoppe! from the link below!! or just click on the sidebar it takes you to my shoppe!!
I'm working on special  orders right now but I am looking forward to making some FALL gigs!! Cuz I just LOVE FALL and PUMPKINS n CROWS!!!
Love Fran.

Saturday, July 4, 2015



Been Makin THUMBPRINTS in The Thumb of Michigan again!! We had our first vacation up in Port Austin, Michigan. Home of the beautiful sunsets!!

This is Beautiful Lake Huron!!!

AND I can take Zip Lining off my bucket list!! All I could do was hop across!! I couldn't even lift my other foot up!! Sad very sad!!

AND this happened while I was gone!! My awesome beautiful lilies bloomed!!! BUT we had to make a quick day trip home and I got to see it and take pics!! AND also I got a new to me van!! In my favorite color orange of course!! I miss my little orange car I had but it was time. This one works out great with our little grannie girl and my son when I pick him up. Also great for vacation the seats go right down in the floor.

I had a customer that wanted me to change the dress on this sweet bunny I had in my Etsy Shoppe. It turned out just great!! I have also been working on orders n gardening outside. I just wanted to stop in n say hi!!
Hope you are havin a great 4th of July!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
XOXO Love Fran.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hope everyone is gettin into the groove of Summer Thyme!! The Funky Farmhouse is gettin into the swing of Summer!! Gardens are being planted weeds are being pulled and vacations planned!! Woo Hoo!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
Love Fran.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

There is alot of fun Americana Summer Gigs goin on!!

Hop on over to Etsy to find some amazing Americana and Summer Thyme Red White Blue gigs from some awesome talented FAAP TEAM Etsy artists!! Each item so unique!! Check it out soon it ends June 10th and there are some sales too!! I love the USA gigs and some of my stuff is there too!!
Peace Out!!
Love Fran.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


 Special Order for a gal in California!! My "Kin Folk" are soakin up the rays in Cali!! XOXO
New Gig from thebagglady76!!!
will be available in my etsy shoppe!!
It's Graduation time out there!!
Slowly but surely getting my groove back!! It's been a long time my friends. Lookin up, movin forward and feelin groovey!! Summer Thyme is here and it so great to have better weather. Been getting dirty in my funky gardens!! Can't wait to take pics!! I am also excited about the parade up town tomorrow!! I have been workin on my parade bike!! No sillies it is for my garden!! That was one of my favorite things to do at the summer parades!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
Love ya Fran. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oh how I LOVE Farmer's Markets!!


Hi Guys!!
I just wanted to share my new favorite gig I made lately. I got this jar no kidding at the St. Mary's Rummage Sale last summer. First of all I couldn't believe they charged me for a sauerkraut jar!! LOL But hey it is for a good cause!! I knew right away what to do with it!! It only took me this long to throw it together!! I experimented last summer with chalkboard spray paint which I also got at a sale!! Ok I am in LOVE with it!! I had made a bunch of these tomatoes from a thrifted sweatshirt. They are so cute. I made as many as I could from that shirt!! And have used them in quite a few things. I LOVE my green tomato worms too. This is in my etsy shoppe.
Always a story with the materials that I use!! I wish you could be with me sometimes. I have so much fun!! Sim and I are known to just get up and go walkin or drivin to look for rusty stuff!! Sometimes gone for hours and my daughter wondering where we have gone now. Seems like we always forget the cell phone!! LOL
Spring is here but it is still quite cold. I can not wait for the sunshine to stay and warm up the gardens so I can work in them.
Have a groovey weekend. I have a super duper busy one!!
Love Fran.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I am so thankful!! XOXO

Well I have been celebrating my birthday week!! I got myself this new groovey mug, "girl you are a boss"!! I love it. And I even got myself some orange daiseys!! I feel like I have finally earned it!! My little handmade etsy shoppe is doing good and I am getting other orders too. SO I am embracing it. I've dreamed it, prayed for it, and I am excited! Maybe excited scared!! When God answers prayer watch out!!
I will also be doing a giveaway soon here on my little blog. Just gotta come up with something jazzy for you guys. Thanks for hangin with me through it all and I can not wait to see what the future holds for me!!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
Love Fran.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

His altars are everywhere.
Love Fran.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Well I joined the Pixie Chicks Club!!

After a very long last few months this winter. I needed something new!! So I got new nerdy glasses (which btw help me so much hand sewing. They are full of close up help!!) Then I decided it was time to grow up and get my hair cut. I love both of them!! What do you think?
This is one of my new gigs in my shoppe. It is a large size berry serving spoon with a jazzy nest of vintage strawberries and one of my lil chicks!! AND a real chicken feather I found at the stockyards. My fav thing to do when I am there!! lol
A couple of weeks ago Sim took me for a surprise ride into THE THUMB OF MICHIGAN. We went and checked out where we are gonna stay on our June vacation. Oh my goodness it was so much fun!! We found this barn I do not know what the words mean. But the art on this barn is just amazing!!
We are gonna have some good weather this week and I can not wait. I wanna open up my windows and air the house so bad!! I need to get all the winter yucky out of here!!
Keep on Keepin on!!
Love Fran.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SPRING has Sprung here at The Funky Farmhouse!!


So the other day the top pic caught my eye and I was like wait that is not a squirrel!! So I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics to show Sim I was not crazy!! LOL
What is wrong with this picture? Raccoons come out at night!!! LOL This one came from the woods. He tried getting the suet cakes but couldn't. I just left him alone and he left and went back over the house and back into the woods!! This is just one of the reasons I love my Funky Farmhouse!!
 I just added this cool gig to my etsy shoppe!!
 I had a lot of fun putting her together!! Do you remember the story of The Borrowers? Well you know I loved it, being about gatherers who lived with the mice!! And then there was the "The Little's" too. Some of my fav childhood stories. I put a lot of my cool junque findings into this oh so awesome gig. And I love it!! 
What do ya think of it?
 I don't go to Walmart very often but I ran in there the other day when I went into Flint. I was looking for the drinking glasses that look like Milk Bottles I seen someone post somewhere. But they didn't have them. So I went over and looked at the Easter stuff!! And I was like Oh My God no way!! CHALKBOARD EASTER EGGS!! I got them so Madeline and I can make some for her Mommy and some for me. There are a dozen in the coolest egg crate and it comes with the chalk too!! And only a $1.98!!
And Madeline wanted to say HI GUYS!! I have been spending a lot of time with this sweet little baby girl!! Her shirt says "Bring on the Sunshine"!!
I have been finishing up some gigs and working on orders. AND lovin this new sun shining week we are having after this very long stinkin winter!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
Peace Out!!
Love Fran.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kicked Out Some New Funky Gigs!!!

I made these cute lil  Kin Folk dolls for someone special and I really am very happy with how they turned out. They have lil chickens on the dress and a bird and nest on the Mama and a sweet bow on the lil kin. I sure love makin these. Each one always turns out so different in their own way.
This lil beauty also turned out so awesome. Just like I imagined in my head. lol  I love the lil necklas I also made for her. She's quite grubby and smells yummy. She's available in my etsy shoppe.
I kicked out another CROW COFFEE COVER. I SOLD out of these at the show I was in actually the 2 shows I was in at Christmas time. I believe they are much better lookin in person.  I also realized that not only do these cover coffee mugs, and to go coffee cups, they fit a quart mason jar perfect. If you keep your coffee in a jar this would be so cool.
Been also kickin out kidney stones again so a lot of down time for sewing!! I tell ya I am so looking forward to  spring n summer time!! I like sewing but not like this!! lol Gonna be listing the coffee cover soon in my shoppe.
Love Fran.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Frannie got her Groove back!!

 Hi Kidds!!
I sure have been missing my blog!! I think I just let to many things get to me!! So I will catch you up on the good things I have been doing!! Like this cool special order I got for one of my Vintage dachshund dogs I make from an old vintage coat and up cycled sweaters for the hats!! This lil sweetie turned out so great!! It was ordered from a dear friend for her daughter who has one named "Theo" short for Theodore". Too cute.


Here is just one of the coolest things I have been so proud of lately!! LOL First of all I saw a pin on Pinterest where this lady put her dish soap in an syrup bottle like this. Oh my gosh I was so geeked as I had just picked this big one up at the Consignment store where I take my clothes to sell. I had been watching for it to be marked down!! 50% off baby and I used my money I made!! It came without a lid. Hmmm--- So I put my best Fran thinking cap on. Looked in the drawer none of the plastic pop tops in there worked. AND then it hit me look in the fridge at the salad dressing caps!! YAY I had an old bottle of one dated way back. I took that baby off and it fit perfect!! OMG I was doin the happy dance!! I let Sim know it was not syrup and then my daughter Brooke asked Sim if that was syrup on the counter and Sim told her no your Mom is up to her craziness again. LOL It's dish soap and I am a happy Mama!!

We have been watchin this lil Beauty Queen a lot on and off between me n her being sick!! We did a fashion show with my old hats. These are just two of my favs. She didn't even try to take the hats off. She kinda had the same expression in all the pics. Poor baby had a tummy ache but was a lil trooper. LOVE IT!!

Have made a lot of my famous chili lately. This was part of our Super Bowl celebration. We have also been hittin the Farmers Markets around here on Sat mornins and Thursday. We have been eating a bit more healthy.

The other day I was havin such a bad stinkin day after a week of letting things get to me. I cried and said I need to go to my secret garden and get myself right. I know when I sew I am much better mentally. I hadn't even been doing that as of late. So I got my stuff out and whipped up this chick n these eggs I had already made. I had gotten the vintage Eggs tag a while back. I am putting these together for Easter and For Sale in my Etsy Shoppe.
 I love the way it turned out.

I am off for an eye doctor appointment. I need glasses so bad. I can not wait to get new ones. The sun is shining but very cold today. It is gonna be great just to get out!! I might even stop at one of the big stores if I have enough time.
Keep on Keepin on!!
XOXO Love Fran.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

BlueBird of Happiness!!


  This is my OOAK hand sewn and designed by me BLUEBIRD.
 Her Funky necklace is a book mark.
 Her Market bagg turned out so cool.
And her dress is just like the color of the breast of the real Blue Birds. We have them here in the Spring and Summer. I get so excited when they show up. I have named this one ROSIE after my Mom. We had a special bond of bluebirds.
I have decided to take special orders on my Blue Birds. The dress material may differ as I got this one thrifting. This one is mine. If interested just let me know.
And isn't it so cool when your grown kids get you!! And give you the sweetest gifts!! This is from Ryan and Christine. Ryan is in Africa til March and this is perfect. Sim and I both LOVE coffee and take trips in the car a lot with it. They say Proud Navy Dad and Mom!! This gave me tears when I opened it!! 

AND this very cool rusty Coffee Can came from Nick n Danielle, Madeline's mommy n daddy. They know me so well that when they found this very old coffee can workin on their house they saved it for me for Christmas and put the flowers in it for me!! I love it!!

And the very cool deer with the flowers are from Sim.
I have been takin down the Christmas, but will leave these cool deer out for the winter. We finally got some snow last night and today. We'll see how long it lasts cuz now it's suppose to rain. Prayin it doesn't freeze.
Keep on Keepin on!!
XOXO Love Fran.



Thursday, January 1, 2015

Feelin JaZZy in 2015!!

So I have been tryin to think what should be my new word for 2015. ha ha all I could come up with is JAZZY!! I love this word and so I looked up the meaning.  The first two words to describe it was Hip n Funky!! Well for sure that is gonna  be my word!! LOL
And most days I feel kinda Funky n Jazzy!!
I was so excited to get this one cup Coffee Maker from Sim for Christmas!! I wanted one so bad and didn't think I would get it!! BUT he did get me one!!! and he gave it to me early. Just like the two Goat shirts he got me and gave me back in September!! LOL He can not wait to give things to me!! But I just love that I can whip me up a cup of coffee like bam!! 
Hey kidds it's kinda like we are getting a do-over!! So let's make it the best ever and move forward!! I want to create as much as I can cuz it makes me feel better about myself kinda like I can be productive even though I can't work. And when I need to rest I am still doing something. I want to be a better friend, be more considerate, pay it forward like crazy and be a better blogger. And THANK GOD for all HE has given and done for me and for all HE is gonna do for me!! I also pray my little Handmade Business grows as I use the talents He has given me. And that I use it for His glory.
Happy New Year and
Keep on Keepin On!!
Peace Out!
XOXO Love Fran.