Monday, August 13, 2012

I've been Travelin around the Thumb of Michigan!!!

We started out spending the weekend at a Civil War Days in Port Sanilac, Michigan!! This was a cute little area where a family was spending time just like they would in that time period.

 These little cuties belonged to the little girls. They were so cute and just little babies!!

Sim was feeding Lu Lu through a hole in the crib barn. Too cute!!!  

Lu Lu was like hey where'd ya go!!
(Trace' now I know why you want to get Goats!!)

This was really cool how they spin the yarn. She was explaining it to us how many steps there are. They have to wash it so many times and then repeat alot of the steps. There are about 13 steps I think she said!! Now I really appreciate yarn alot more. Has anyone ever used alpaca yarn? I would like to get some and make me a scarf.

Here are some of the ways they were just living outside in tents. These people actually eat sleep and live this community. They talk like the days. It was so hot and the ladies were dressed to the nines. Which means nine layers of clothing!!

And how cool is this dude!! He actually looks like this everyday. He goes around to alot of Civil War Days around our state. I think he lives down by Detroit.  This was a debate between Lincoln and Senator Douglas. The guy on the right side. We listened to it and the words were from the actual debate Lincoln and Douglas had. The real one was 21 hours they got this one down to an hour. Very interesting.

This is the South shooting at the North! But we all know how it went!! LOL That cannon is actually from the Civil War and that boom is so loud!!

 This is Governor Douglas of Michigan and his wife. Another great person. They live down by Detroit too. They travel all over and get alot of people involved.

 This is the Grand Ball they had that night. We came back and danced on the lawn with these people. Oh my gosh Sim and I had so much fun!! We were laughing at ourselves and with the other people.

Can ya dig it!! It was so hot that day. Sim caught me resting!! LOL
So this is were I was at the beginning of the week and I will have to get pics taken of the goodies I bought at the end of the week. We always go this time of year for the Antique and Yard Sale Trail around the Thumb of Michigan. I save my money so I can get supplies for making and getting items for my Etsy Shoppe. (check it out on my sidebar) I got some great stuff. It rained the first two days of the sale but we were still out there. I felt bad for the people who sat up. Alot of hard work cuz they had to keep covering up their stuff as it rained on and off. Now it is getting the time of year I start getting ready for the Craft Shows I do. I am like everyone else so ready for Fall!! This trip always gets my mojo going for creating!! Glad to be back and I missed ya all!!
XOXO Love, Fran.