Thursday, December 30, 2010

The best gifts from God!!

Kaitlin got her car stuck in our ditch! The boys came to her rescue!(with alittle help from Sim!) 

Ok, so I put myself on sick leave from the 17th to the 3rd of January. Telling myself not to do anything! Just rest! But the holidays came and it was so great! I get tired easy, but I loved being with our families! We are a blended family so lot's of gatherings and eating! This year I got the best presents, I love the way family knows what you love! (besides them!) I got to see my son Danny for Christmas Eve. Great present! I got a new printer, so now I can learn and get my Etsy going and kick out some creations. Sim got me lot's of organizing tubs, shelves, etc. I've been working on using them! My new years resolution! Kaitlin got me new cookie sheets, cuz when she went to use mine for her Pumpkin rolls she makes, she found out I've been using them to coffee dye my tags! Opps!! My step-son Ryan, Christine, and Caylee got me a New York and Company gift card! OMG my favorite place to shop! I wear their clothes all the time! But I decided after yesterday going to this big mall called Great Lake Crossings with Sim and Kaitlin, I'll be going by myself for that one! They shop really fast and they're done! Me I have to look at everything!! So here are some random pics of my best gifts!!!

This is my oldest daughter Brooke on Christmas Eve!! and below is Danny and Kaitlin!!


The day after Christmas we celebrated with Sim's family! It was Caylee's first Christmas! We were so excited!! Lot's of love and fun!!!
This is Caylee-Bugg eating the DVD we got her!

Christine is Ryan's fiance' and Caylee-Buggs mommy! We love her alot!!

My step-son Nick and his new girlfriend Tara!!

Papa Sim and Caylee-Bugg!

This is Ryan, you can't see much of his face, but he's showing "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to Caylee-Bugg. Great Grandma, Sim and I read it to her and it's the one from Hallmark that records it!
 Well, "Happy New Year" to my blog friends and family! I am so excited to see what 2011 will bring to us here on the land of blog!! I know lot's of fun, swaps, and friendships! Thanks to everyone who has been holding me up in prayer! God is awesome!! Love ya, XO Fran.