Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Good Morning Peeps!!

It's that time again when I get my Spring peeps for my coffee. This years color is a sweet pretty green. I don't usually have sugar in my coffee but this is a treat. And fun!!

I added some new gigs to the etsy shoppe. Thinkin Spring guys!! Plus these turn out so stinkin cute that I could make them all day long!!

 "Lil Scrappers".
 My fav is the tomato!!

Hey guys I passed those yucky stones! I went for a walk in my backyard on Friday. Decided to take my squirrel out back for a photo shoot!! She's a rock star!!

And after Sim got home we went out for our Spring walk lookin for cool things. We did find some and YES I fell in the mud!! It was like quick sand!! LOL You should of been there cuz you would of laughed!! Sim said everything in my hands went flying!! I had my junque bagg with me and I had found a camp stool in woods!! LOL I still get a smile when I think of it!! Fun times.
So for now I am working on special orders and when I can I need to get some new things I have been working on finished. Plus I have a lot to catch up on around the funky farmhouse!! But that's fun sometimes!!! LOL
Have a great day!!
Keep on Keepin on!!
 XOXO Love ya Fran.