Monday, January 20, 2014

Some Special things to share!!!

The beauty of Gods world!!

On Friday it was my Mom's birthday. It is so hard to believe it has been two years since she's been gone. I have decided that each year on her birthday I will still celebrate her and have pizza her very favorite and some sort of dessert. Just like when she was here. This year I made this pie I got off pinterest it is made with kool aid. It is kinda like a cheese cake and so very easy!! I make it a lot!! This one was strawberry-lemonade. I even used pretty winter napkins.

These little sweeties were a special order that I have been working on. Sherry was a sweet gal to work with and I loved making these for her. She had seen them on another gals facebook page that had bought them from me. I am also working on another special order for another gal. God is good and keeping me busy just like I need!! LOL
I am also working on my living room alittle bit of adding some granny chic to it and moving things around when I can catch Sim for that!! LOL I plan on getting pics when I finish up. I really like it.
And remember in my last post how I bragged about Sim making it to work in the Snow Storm. Well Kroger this past weekend gave employees a 20% off Kroger products day for helping the store out and making it a success. We went shopping on Saturday and saved about $50.00!! We stocked up!! And it felt really good!! Our cupboards were a bit bare!! I have been baking and cooking!!

 And we haven't found out yet if the baby is a boy or a girl. We hopefully will find out next month!! I have been working on gathering things for a shower!! I have it all planned out it will be a funky farmhouse ducky kinda shower with lot's of fun!! LOL This Grannie is excited!!

 I hope everyone is staying warm cuz baby it is cold outside!! We've got the water dripping in the bathroom tonight and the heat turned up and lot's of blankets on our bed!! LOL
Keep on Keepin on!!
Love ya Fran.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Can ya Digg it!!!

So I thought I'd share my Midwest Snow Storm with you!! LOL This is the pic I took around 9:00 am the first morning!! If you look at a couple post back you can see my car in the ice storm! In the same spot!! We ended up getting around 17.5 inches!! But here in Michigan we are use to it!! I think!! It has been awhile since we had that much. Kaitlin had to go back to Connecticut two days later than planned and she was kinda freaking out cuz she needed to get back to work!! Needless to say I was a nervous wreck til she was safely back!! Her Cleveland Ohio stop was completely cancelled and she went by way of Atlanta Georgia!! But she's back to work and back to her regular things now!!

I even went out and shoveled this much of the driveway. I don't do this that much anymore but I felt like I wanted to. Why I don't know cuz a few hours later when Sim came home from work he had to re-shovel it!! LOL

This was the view out my dining room window!! LOL

I wanted to share a pic of one of my favorite Christmas presents!! Kaitlin and Danny Via Kaitlin went to my Etsy Shoppe and took these pics and had a lil notepad and address labels made for me from pics of two of my items!! How sweet and really surprised me!! I LOVE them!! She also got me a UCONN MOM sticker for my car. And some good pics of her and Danny. Even though the weather sucked our Christmas turned out pretty good after all.

And here is the CROW item I told ya I was working on!! It is my design for a Coffee Cozie!! I decided to put two of my favorite things together and came up with this!! What do ya think? It fits a small or medium to go cup or a small coffee cup. I hand sewed all around it and added a rusty washer for the top and a grubby tag that says "Caw-fee Thyme". It turned out pretty cool and I have two more to make.

On Thursday we drove with my step son and fiance to pick up their new truck!! Can you tell how happy Nick is!! He was so cute he had a job interview that morning and stayed dressed up to pick up the truck! They are gonna bless us in July with another Grand child. We may know this Tues if it is a girl or boy!! Woo Hoo!! I am excited to have a shower for them. Nick won't be able to keep a secret so there will be no reveal party like everyone is having!! I just hope I don't have to find out on Facebook!! LOL

 One of my cool friends from out front!! Once the snow stopped coming down the Crow was walking around out front!! There is just something about Crows I dig. I am working on a couple of special orders right now and then I will be working on some new items. We have been keeping busy and I kinda layed low for the storm. Sim never ever misses work and he didn't even miss one minute with the storm. He left early and dressed warm. He gave rides, jumped a few cars and was just being the man he is. His Store Manager gave him a gift card for being so helpful!! LOL He wasn't trying for it. One day he said 15 people called in!! Funny thing Sim is one of the ones that lives the farthest away!! The first night he asked me to walk down to the main road at the corner with him to see if he was gonna make it off our road. It was so pretty.
Well Take Care and hopefully we won't have another storm soon!! I have had enough myself that's for sure!! LOL
XOXO Love ya Fran.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hola Chicas and Happy 2014!!!

Stoppin in to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I made this cake today to help us celebrate the New Year!! Wishin you could stop by for a cuppa coffee and piece of cake with me.

All day long I have been kinda excited about the New Year. It's kinda like a do over!! 2013 had it's ups n downs like every year. But the Ice Storm hit me kinda hard but also taught me some lessons. So I am excited for 2014. Lookin forward to what God has in store for me!!
Wishin all of you guys Peace and Love!!
Keep on Keepin on!!
Love ya Fran.