Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hola Chicas!!!!

Happy Birthday to THEBAGGLADY!!!

Thought I'd share what I did on my birthday with you!!! I got a new rusty bike for my yard!!

We spent the day in Holly, MI. Just walking through the town and going into the few shops that were open. We knew most of them would be closed but we didn't care. It was a beautiful day out!!! We got an old license plate and a couple of railroad thingys. I forgot what they are called!! LOL

Then from there we went to the Great Lakes National Veteran's Cemetery which is also located in Holly, MI. This has been there for sometime now but we had never seen it before. OH my goodness what beauty and what pride it gives you to be American.  We walked all over the whole thing! We sure saw alot of nature!! Deer, wild turkeys, and geese! It is so peaceful and the sad thing is they can do up to 10 funerals a day. The cool thing is husbands and wives can be buried together!!

Sim was in the Navy for 12 years. He loved this so much!!! He read everything!! When Sim saw this from the Navy Seabees he was almost like alittle boy jumping up and down!! I snapped this pic of him reading it to me. He said he wasn't a seabee but loved them!! His pride made me fall alittle more in love with him! Seeing some of it from his eyes was amazing!!! Sim and I were not married when he was in the Navy.

And believe it or not as we were leaving, this Sand Crane was just there eating and not paying any attention to us at all!! I LOVE the way the flags are in the background!!

So it ended up being a great birthday. I was so exhausted. I fell asleep around 7:00pm and around 9:30pm I woke up and started passing my kidney stone!!! I am still passing it and it is painful. But at least the surgery worked and I am on my way to healing!! Yay! Cuz I really want and need to be outside!! LOL

And I thought I'd share my newest sweet bunny pin cushion I made. It turned out so cute!! I love the little pom pom I made for the tail. I added this to my etsy shoppe last night. I know it's alittle late for Easter but it is too cute. Hope you're enjoying your day. I am!! The sun is shining. Keeping Texas in my prayers with all the storms and tornadoes they have been having.
 XOXO Love, Fran.