Saturday, January 3, 2015

BlueBird of Happiness!!


  This is my OOAK hand sewn and designed by me BLUEBIRD.
 Her Funky necklace is a book mark.
 Her Market bagg turned out so cool.
And her dress is just like the color of the breast of the real Blue Birds. We have them here in the Spring and Summer. I get so excited when they show up. I have named this one ROSIE after my Mom. We had a special bond of bluebirds.
I have decided to take special orders on my Blue Birds. The dress material may differ as I got this one thrifting. This one is mine. If interested just let me know.
And isn't it so cool when your grown kids get you!! And give you the sweetest gifts!! This is from Ryan and Christine. Ryan is in Africa til March and this is perfect. Sim and I both LOVE coffee and take trips in the car a lot with it. They say Proud Navy Dad and Mom!! This gave me tears when I opened it!! 

AND this very cool rusty Coffee Can came from Nick n Danielle, Madeline's mommy n daddy. They know me so well that when they found this very old coffee can workin on their house they saved it for me for Christmas and put the flowers in it for me!! I love it!!

And the very cool deer with the flowers are from Sim.
I have been takin down the Christmas, but will leave these cool deer out for the winter. We finally got some snow last night and today. We'll see how long it lasts cuz now it's suppose to rain. Prayin it doesn't freeze.
Keep on Keepin on!!
XOXO Love Fran.



Thursday, January 1, 2015

Feelin JaZZy in 2015!!

So I have been tryin to think what should be my new word for 2015. ha ha all I could come up with is JAZZY!! I love this word and so I looked up the meaning.  The first two words to describe it was Hip n Funky!! Well for sure that is gonna  be my word!! LOL
And most days I feel kinda Funky n Jazzy!!
I was so excited to get this one cup Coffee Maker from Sim for Christmas!! I wanted one so bad and didn't think I would get it!! BUT he did get me one!!! and he gave it to me early. Just like the two Goat shirts he got me and gave me back in September!! LOL He can not wait to give things to me!! But I just love that I can whip me up a cup of coffee like bam!! 
Hey kidds it's kinda like we are getting a do-over!! So let's make it the best ever and move forward!! I want to create as much as I can cuz it makes me feel better about myself kinda like I can be productive even though I can't work. And when I need to rest I am still doing something. I want to be a better friend, be more considerate, pay it forward like crazy and be a better blogger. And THANK GOD for all HE has given and done for me and for all HE is gonna do for me!! I also pray my little Handmade Business grows as I use the talents He has given me. And that I use it for His glory.
Happy New Year and
Keep on Keepin On!!
Peace Out!
XOXO Love Fran.