Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey Girlfriends I'm Back~~~

I've been making THUMB PRINTS with Sim!!

So this little cutie cabin is where I have been!!

This is just one of the beautiful sunrises I woke up to!! We could only see the sunrise here. Canada is on the other side and they get to see the sunset!!
I rode my bike alot. I loved riding it all over town. Saving gas and being able to just hang out on the beach. I also did another 5K walk and I was so proud of myself!! I hadn't done one in 2 years and becuz of the heat I hadn't been walking here much at home either. BUT I did the walk only 39 seconds longer than my other one!! Oh yes I was proud!! Now I've got my mojo back for getting healthy and walking!! I needed this vaca so bad emotionally and I felt so close to God!! I got renewed and I feel ready to tackle the things I need to here. I am catching up on laundry and getting stuff done. We will be going on another one in a few weeks. It's my most favorite thing to do, we go to the Yard and Antique Sales around the Thumb of Michigan! I find my most favorite things!! It is a blast!! We stay at a Bed n Breakfast and I have become good friends with Christy the owner. She gives me a list of things to find for her cuz she is so busy that weekend her Inn is full!! She is an awesome cook!!

 I would like you to meet "Emmy Bleu" my newest farmgirl Raggedy Fran. doll. She is heading over to my Etsy Shoppe!! What cha think of her? I just love her hair!! She smells yummy too!
I missed everyone and I am trying to catch up!! I won a giveaway just before I left and I won one while I was gone. God is good and I feel so blessed!! When is God good? God is good all the time!! We kept saying this alot to each other while we were gone!! I also sold my cutie "Mud Pie" pig I showed you!! I am doing a happy dance all the way home!!! LOL
Love ya, XOXO Fran.