Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WOW where is our summer going?

Well at least I got some smore's in!! LOL we went on another trip to The Thumb of Michigan. We stayed in a rustic cabin and had a fire. I thought my goodies just looked so cute.

We went to Port Sanilac to see a Civil War Re-enactment. It was a lot of fun and very interesting. I love the way they just camp right at the Museum and live just like they did at that time. Even cooking and eating right in make shift tents.
There was also a Vintage Trailer show. This trailer here is from a little town about 6 miles from where I live!! It was so cool they are fixing it up and re painting it. People just let us walk right through the trailers!!

I was pretending to do the dishes here!! This was the sweetest lil vintage kitchen set up. I loved the colors. This is the same colors I have in my kitchen.
Made to look just like home!! One of my favorite things was the outside of this one set up like a deck/yard with all vintage items and board games, vintage picnic stuff and vintage camping stuff. etc. They had old bikes they rode around on too. Just too cool!!

One of my favorite things too was riding into the small towns and looking for rusty stuff. The nature is just so pretty and the deer are so funny watching what you do sometimes. There are a couple of deer in the trees but you can't see them very good but boy can they see us!! LOL

This is what I was looking for. I found these little tiny rusty plugs. They are about 1/2" across and about an inch high. I made some of my "lil chicks" and put them onto it with a bit of moss. These are so sweet. I will be adding them to my Etsy Shoppe.

Last Saturday our town had our "Back to The Bricks' classic car show. This was my set up in our parking lot at church for "the Junk in the Trunk" sale. It was hot but our town was full of cars, and lot's of people!! Sim sold 10 of his cool barn wood Birdhouses over at he Farmers Market Open Air Market!! It was so fun we were a block away from each other. But every once in awhile he'd walk over to see me for a quick second!! LOL Nick Danielle and our sweet Madeline showed up at the gig in town!! It was fun to show her off!! Sorry no pics I was just enjoying having her there!! They came and surprised us!!

Hey a red tomato showed up in my "JUNQUE GARDEN". Just can't seem to get rid of those darn tomato worms!! This one came from "Farmer Joe's" garden!!

Next week starts our Genesee County Fair!! You bet I am excited! Going to be hanging out with my BFF's the GOATS!! Lot's of fun things will be happening!! Sim is gonna be on vacation and we are having a yard sale next week too so been trying to go through things!! Ha that's always fun!!
Hope everyone is doing good!! Talk to ya soon!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.