Monday, September 9, 2013


You know what is so cool? I have been trying to go alittle bit funky farmhouse around here lately and I remembered we had these cool seed sacks out in the barn and I also remembered that Sim had bought one that had a F on it!! After I hung this up as a curtain I realized that it said FUNK FARMS on it!! Rock on dude!! I was doing a happy happy happy dance!! Sim doesn't like it cuz it doesn't cover the whole window. But I kinda do. The crows help out alittle on the side but they are from my Fall decorations. When Sim gets done painting in this hallway I am sure it will change. But for now it makes me happy!! Doesn't take much!! LOL I had everything here that you see.

While I was resting on the couch last week from my surgery I tweaked my Etsy Shoppe. I had also been wanting to add a funky farmhouse section to it. I look at my creations and realize they are a bit funky!! It seems like when I make things they always have that same look to them. So I added that section and here is one of my funky farm girls for the Fall. I have quite a few things to add to my etsy shoppe. Just gettin around to taking pictures of them. Boy it took me a minute to start feeling better this time. My pain level was quite bad. I did do some sewing and now I just need to grubby them up!! 
I have been in the Fall mood myself just like everyone. I can see that the trees are starting to change some. Kids are back in school. That always gets me in the fall mood. My baby girl Kaitlin started at UCONN last week. Her classes are kinda hard. But she will get it. She loves her intern job at the school. 

Here are a couple of my new pin cushions for the Funky Farmhouse section of my etsy shoppe. The blue one is upcycled from an old cutter quilt piece and I made one of my lil chicks to go on the handle of the little silver dish. It has a spool of thread and a little silver thimble on the other handle. It has a tag that says "Farm chick" on it. It turned out so cute. The other one is a tomatoe pin cushion in an upcycled tomatoe canning funnel with a grubby tag that says "homemade" on it. I just love making these kinda things. I am trying to sell as much as I can cuz I am going to see Kaitlin on the 22nd of this month!! My SIL and MIL are going and asked me to go!! WOO HOO!! Connecticut here I come!!
And wouldn't ya know it our garden produced alot of tomatoes and are ready to be canned!! Oh if only I had all the energy that goes with this!! LOL I will do it alittle at a time. We have been having tomatoes anyway we can think of!! Tomorrow night we are having bacon, lettuce, and tomatoe sandwiches!! Yesterday I made a big batch of chili!! My stepson Nick and his fiance Danielle heard I made chili and invited them selves over for dinner!! It was kinda cute. I made grilled cheese sandwiches to go with it. A great Fall dinner and we even ate outside on the picnic table.
I am doing pretty good and keeping busy. I am trying to take things one day at a time so I don't get over whelmed. Been staying on my diet and I have now lost a total of 5 lbs. Laughing at myself as I am typing this cuz I just decided to eat a couple of cookies!! Which means tomorrow I will start all over and try not to beat myself for it!! I know I am not weighing myself tomorrow!! LOL
Hope everyone is doing good.
XOXO Love Fran.