Monday, March 22, 2010

What I've been up to!!!!

I have joined in on a few swaps! One is a Nancy Drew Swap! We are to read a book and then send our assigned partners something to do with Nancy Drew and the book you read. I'm almost done with my book and I am so excited to send out my swap! Amy is my partner and she is a doll! She is so upbeat and fun! I also did a Spring swap. I'm waiting to receive mine and then I'll show pictures of what I sent and what  I got. It was alot of fun! I also did an Easter egg swap! Jennifer sent me the coolest stuff and I am just waiting for her to receive hers, and then I'll post about that one too! I am loving the swaps! I just love to get little surprises in the mail! It always seems to brighten up my day! It's such a blessing when you open up the package and see the love and care someone puts in to it! There are alot of special ladies here in blogland! I feel so blessed! XOXO Fran.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, I've been laying low for the week or so. Trying to take it easy! Becuz I can't wait til I can get outside and ride my bike! and start working in my yard and garden! I am actually starting to do alittle spring cleaning inside. Things that have been needed to be done for a while now! I'm working on making a little desk in my kitchen area. My daughter Kaitlin had oral surgery this week, all four wisdom teeth out! Poor baby she's never had any kind of surgery before! She's been a trooper,even though she's 19, she's my baby girl! I just love Audrey Hepburn! I actually got my husband to watch , Breakfast at Tiffany's with me! What a guy, he suffered through it with me all the way to the end! I had never watched the entire movie before! I loved it! I signed up for a few swaps and am working on them right now also! Kinda excited. I love to get little surprises in the mail and also to be able to pay it forward! The sun has been shining here in Michigan! and I love it! even the weather has been alot warmer! The snow is melting! YAY! Now all my dreams of riding my bike, working in my yard and taking long walks with my husband can start to come true! Have a great one! XO Fran.