Monday, September 19, 2011

It was a day filled with Love and Fun!!!

~This is how love looks like 12 years later~~
This is Sim and I at Ryan and Christines Wedding! Still in love after all these years!! Sim and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary on Sunday!! Sim surprised me and took the day off!

Our most favorite place is Lake Huron in Forsester, Michigan this is where we take our vacation!
So Sim planned a day trip for us!! I have been upcycling bird's nest in different forms and on upcycled items for my Etsy shoppe. I haven't listed them yet but Sim knew I wanted more supplies from Lake Huron! I am so blessed that Sim understands me and appreciates what I do. It was a beautiful Fall day yesterday and so relaxing listening to the waves and looking for my goodies!!

This is me having an awesome time looking for God's amazing supplies to make art!

I dediced when I got home I would organize them into my vintage train cases. I thought they looked so cool I'd show you too!!

I will be listing my new Art Birds Nest this week! I can't wait to show you!! I have had so much to catch up on!! Having had my surgery just three weeks ago I am behind and I seem to be getting tired so easy! Hoping this little get away helped out!! I know I am very blessed to be married to Sim!
XO Fran.