Thursday, September 10, 2009

A view from my window!

I love to sit in my bed in the mornings and drink my coffee and pray! When I look out my window this is what I can see! Over the winter we fed the birds in that corner garden so I could see them! I just knew there was gonna be sunflowers and crack grass growing there! LOL sure enough there is, but amazingly mainly the sunflowers, I did plant some old seeds I had and they are the big ones! You can see how tall they are by Kaitlin smelling them (in her Burger King uniform LOL! on her way to work) The birds, bees, and hummingbirds are loving them! and it's so cool to see them out there! This summer we also had a family of bluebirds nesting right on our porch in an old birdhouse I've had for years! This view is from the same window! They nested, had their babies, and then were gone! We loved them so much and were so blessed to have them that close to us! We have alot of nature around us, little gifts from God!