Wednesday, December 19, 2012

There's No Place Like Home!!! and thank God I am back!!!

It was so awesome yesterday when I walked up to this porch after being in the hospital for five days!! I had my routine surgery last Friday but during surgery I aspirated into my lungs!! I had to be admitted and I tell you I have never been so sick before!!  I have pneumonia!! I still have it but I am already doing better at home. I am on the couch!! Both doctors said it will take about two weeks before I am better and rid of it!! I have learned to take nothing for granted that is for sure!! This is my porch all decked out for the holly dayz!! I LOVE it. Sim did it for me from just things we already had and boughs from our Blue Spruce pines. The tree is in the house but not decorated and at this point I am not dong it. I think Sim will. Brooke hung up our family stockings on the railing in the livingroom, a big deal here at the house. We all love our stockings and usually get lot's of cute gifts in them. Even the ones that don't live here anymore.

Thought I'd share my pic of the eight cupcakes Kaitlin made me so I could decorate them!! Not the best but it felt so good to do it!! I have not felt like sewing or creating at all. Everyone around here is waiting to see me sew!! When I do they will all know I am alot better!! I have been watchin a marathon of Castle re-runs!! LOL So that is where I have been!! Missing in action but back at Home Sweet Home!! Love and miss you all!!