Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How cool is this!!!

I don't know if you guys are on Pinterest but you should be!! Oh my goodness the ideals are abundant and amazing!! Warning you will get hooked!! LOL

Kaitlin pinned this awesome ideal from Pinterest for our annual Christmas Cookie Exchange and Bingo party we have with our cuzins every year!! They turned out so cute and adorable!! Kaitlin actully named them "Reindeer got run over by Grandma" because on our way to the party we had a car accident BUT we are ok. It was a hit and run. My poor orange car is broken in the back!! Kaitlin has whiplash pretty bad and is on pain meds. But my Mom was with us and Brooke too. That is why Kaitlin named them that!! Now that it is over we can laugh about it. I know for sure that we have Gaurdian Angels watching over us.  Now back to more good stuff!! LOL

Thanksgiving night I went to Walmart and waited in line for over two hours for this little cutey!! I have wanted one so bad for the last five years! So this year I dived in on all the sales!! Oh mylanta I can't believe all the fighting that goes on!! And grown women!! I was only at the 8:00 pm and 12:00 sale!!! I got this for less than $20.00!! It is a Hamilton Beach!! I am keeping it out on my counter til after Christmas. This is my pumpkin bread I make every year for the Cookie Exchange! I make banana too!! Everyone makes such cute things!! And we just wrap them up real cute and exchange that way!! There is three generations of us!! We all bring about 3-4 Dollar Store gifts and play Bingo for a few hours and that is our prizes!! We get real cute stuff and have a blast!!! I got the cutest snow globe this year and some other cute ornaments. One is a snowman that I am gonna coffee dye. We bring food and draw names for Christmas Eve. I am excited next year Kaitlin and I will be hosting at our house!! We love to have parties! So we can use things like what we pin on Pinterest!!

Here is another ideal we got from pinning!! This was a recipe for Tortilla Soup made in a crock pot!! I have been wanting to cook in my crock pot for awhile now. Kaitlin found this one too and I just went for it!! It was so easy!!! I was so proud of myself!!! LOL

 This is the pot after Sim, Kaitlin and I had it for dinner last night!! It is super easy and I will share the recipe if you want!! We added tortilla chips, grated cheese, and sour cream to it like it called for!! Yummo!! I am so taking this to gatherings!!! LOL and I am going to for sure try more recipes in the crock pot!!! So that's what I've been up to besides working on more crafts for a show this weekend and trying to keep my Etsy up!! I also found out on Monday that I will be having surgery again for my bladder on December 16th. So I've got to get all my stuff done by then and all my fun in!! LOL Hey at least I can shop early and get some rest after that so I'll be able to go to our Christmas Eve family party. I haven't missed one since I was born a long time ago!! LOL We got some snow last night and it has really put me in the Christmas mood!! The sun is shining and the trees look so pretty!! I'm off to make some more goodies!! XO Frannie


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Bagg Ladies Day Out!!!!

Well our day out at the craft show was sorta a bust!! But still we had a good day out together!! This show was more of an Business Expo than a craft show. I believe this was probably the problem. Not enough traffic in the craft areas. I find this happens sometimes I try not to let it discourage me!!!
 The hustle and bustle of the holidays is starting!! We are going in many different directions around here! That's what happens with blended families!! LOL We will be seeing our little Caylee Roxanne tomorrow!! Can't wait for that! My sister-in-law is having dinner. My girls are off to spend time with their Dads. Danny will be coming home to see both of us and eating turkey at his Dads. I'm off to be a helper!! I am helping a lady I know get ready for out of town guests. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!! Love ya!! 
XO Frannie 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Here's what I am busy making and doing!!!

I have been busy making gift baskets and just thought I'd pop in and show you!! I have this little gift basket listed in my Etsy shoppe but wrapped it up pretty to take to the craft show with me tomorrow! Once again Sim will be there with me. I am happy about that! We have had one rough week here! Sim had 2 Aunts die within 9 hours of each other. And then on Monday Brooke found out her Grandma had died. So we had three relatives from this house up at our funeral home. The funerals were on Wednesday, Thursday, and today Friday was Brooke's Grandmas. We also found out that they are closing Sim's Kroger store he is Grocery Manager at this week too. He will be transferred to another store but does not know where yet. It is closing the first of the year. So crafting and getting ready for the craft show sure has been a blessing!! There are alot of blessings in life and I am holding on to them.

Here are a few more gift baskets I made up. I have more done and more to pack up. I will share pics of the show, we are going tonight to set up. It's in a town about a half hour from here. Kinda a cool town. Like I said I am excited to re-focus and spend some time with Sim and Kindred Spirits.  

Thanks for looking I'm off to make some candies and do some packing!!
XO Fran.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today is this Beautiful Girls Birthday!!

This is my daughter Brooke and today is her 31st birthday!! In case you haven't noticed she does not look like me!! BUT she is my daughter!! LOL None of my kids look like me! Why is that I wonder? She is a ray of sunshine at times and I love the sound of her laughter. She works at a Workshop called Freedom Works and they help her to get jobs. She makes jewelry and right now she is making the coolest bracelets out of the pull tabs from pop cans and ribbon. They are so awesome. She also loves dogs and was working at a dog grooming place here in Mt. Morris but the job ended, so she is hoping to get one somewhere else.The workshop is helping her to look. She is also working towards Independent Living in an Apartment. As you can see she loves to talk on the phone all the time!! LOL Brooke had seizures as a little girl at the age of 2 1/2 and it damaged her brain. She can't drive a car but loves to go bye bye with me alot!! LOL She is a blessing and pretty much a rock star at the workshop and loves to help others. Just thought on this special day I'd introduce her to you!!! Brooke and Kaitlin are half sisters and that is why they don't look to much like each other either!! LOL We will be celebrating her special day with a baked potato bar here at the house and some special cupcakes!! God gives the best gifts and that is why I am sharing Brooke with you today!!
XO Fran.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet my Friend Amy!!!

Amy from is so talented!! She can sew cook and remake just about everything!!! She is married with three children and she loves the Lord!! I have been blessed to be friends with Amy. We live in different states but I know she is always there! This is one of her new aprons! She upcycled this from a mans oxford shirt. She can crochet anything you can think of!!! Amy does wear  high tops all the time and they are pink!!! She doesn't like to have her picture taken but this is her in the picture!!! LOL I just love this picture!!

Here is another one of her new aprons! This and other items she makes are listed in her etsy shop

Amy is also very giving. She is having a giveaway for this apron on her blog. Stop by and say Hi and sign up to win this beautiful apron. Check out her recipes she shares too. I feel very blessed to know Amy and I just wanted you to meet her too.
XO Fran.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birdhouses, Snowmen, Tramp Art, Hot Chocolate and more!!!!!

Our Craft Show was on Saturday. These are some of the birdhouses Sim made. I couldn't get pictures til after almost all of his birdhouses were sold!! He was the man of the hour!! LOL These are his church birdhouses! I didn't get a picture of it but his Bluebird church has a communion glass insulator on the side of it. You can kinda see it if you click on the picture. Too cute!! He sold out of almost everything! and he is hooked now!! This is true barn wood he got from a 1800's barn.

This is a sample of his Tramp Art. This one is mine but he sold quite a few of these too. Also he made wind chimes from old vintage kitchen utensils and sold out of those too. He calls them wind clankers!!

Here are a few of my vintage chenille bedspreads. These smell so good I line dried them in the sun.
They would be great on a bed or used for crafts.

This is one of my new items this year. I made Hot Chocolate from scratch. I used to make "Spice Mocha Mix" all the time and everyone loved it and have asked me to make more!! I love putting them in recycled jars and fixing them up cute. I had to keep a jar of this for myself!! I almost sold out of it!!

This was a popular item also. My pumpkins are made from a upcycled vintage white chenille bedspread. I have one listed in my Etsy shoppe along with the two spoons I had left. I loved making these spoons!!

Some of my prim dress ornies!!

Here are some of my Snow People I made from my own designs. The two dolls are listed on my Etsy and the other ones I am listing soon. I love love making these kind of things!!

I sold Sweet Annie bunches and these were the stems I had left and I thought they looked so cute. So I made them in to some Prim Neeedfuls!! I used Christmas colors as I thought they might look sweet on the mantel or sitting on a shelf or table with other Prims. Oh the "Sweet Annie" smells so good. It helps with spiders they don't like it!! I also have a few of my small dried sunflowers.
I love doing these shows and have a few more coming up. I praise God for giving me the gift to create. And also the gift of a husband who is evenly yoked with me. Thanks for looking at my goodies!!
XO Fran.