Monday, May 6, 2013

My Secret Garden!!!!


 My Clearance Violets from the Grocery Store!!!
We have been working in the yard and gardens!! 
Sim and I finally started working  in the yard!! We cleaned up the porch and I now have a place I am calling my secret garden. I can't wait til flowers are all around me. Every year I have a theme for my yard and this year it is "Americana/Farm House". I put this old quilt on my chair today and got a pillow and my laptop and came out here!! This is where I am blogging from!! I'm thinkin o-no cuz I am gonna be out here a lot and havin coffee in the mornings here too!! But Thank You God!!!
 Another view of the porch!!
 This is the view of our wooden fence. I cleaned out the lilies and we added some farm goodies. I put my Mom's rabbit over there too.
I Love this corner of the wooden fence. One of Sim's "Junque Rustic Birdhouses" and our little rusty kids!! Who mind us very well and love to go fishin!! that is Kaitlin's herb garden she had as a little girl. Now I guess it's mine!!!
We have been so super busy I am exhausted!!

 I have also made these awesome fun paper dresses for a swap I was in over at my group!! My partner is from Australia and I knew I wanted to make her a dress with her homeland on it. I had an old world atlas from the 1940's. The dress in the middle I made like  a Girl Scout dress and even used my old troop numbers. And the music dress is from an old Hymnal from 1924. I LOVED making these and I used jute and little clothes pins that I coffee dyed to hang them on!!! I had so much fun doing these!! Right now I am working on Mad Hatters oh my gosh they are so darn cute!!
I am also working on more of my "Rusty Junque". I have to share this with you. Saturday afternoon Sim and I were in the backyard. Kaitlin came home and came to see us. She sat down and looked over at us and said "Oh my gosh are you guys really trading rusty stuff"? LOL Sim had his bucket out and I had my container and we were trading back n forth!! She told my Mother in Law that she thought she was gonna have to call Nick and Ryan her stepbrothers and tell them that we had gone crazy for sure!! Aw good times!! After I thought about it it is kinda funny!!!
XOXO Love ya