Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just alittle something else I made!!!

This is one of my grubby prim stockings I make. I am sending this one out in a swap I am doing!! I just love making things grubby! Sometimes I think I get a little to grubby!! But, people seem to like it!! I think I finally feel like I am geting my mojo back!! I wasn't going to co-chair our Church craft show I do every year, but they talked me in to it!! I am excited to set a table up and sign up for some more shows in the area. I will be also opening that etsy around September! Right now it is way to hot and humid!! I am so looking forward to the Fall!! These stockings can be used all year round and look pretty hanging anywhere!! I guess even on my rusty gate by my door!! This seems to be my prop for my grubby things!! I think rust and grubby go hand in hand!!! At least it does for me!!! XO Fran.