Monday, April 7, 2014

Sticks and STONES may break your bones!!! BUT......(and a few other things)

So last Thursday I had a doc appt. and she sent me for a cat scan!! And yes I have not one but two kidney stones!! Why leave one out? LOL
I believe they are starting to move and I will be getting rid of them soon!! YAY!!
I am on a lot of pain meds and that is helping!! Good news was that I didn't need surgery to break them up!! Yay!!
This is a cool old chalkboard Sim and I found on the way home from my cat scan in the garbage along a side street!! Why not stop even if you are in pain!! You find cool things!! The "Relax" sign came from my Secret Sister from church !! Isn't it cool!!
This is my new swing Sim got for me for my birthday!! We were due for one and he found this one at Lowe's. He knew I would love the colors!! And I do and if you look you can see on the left side there my clothes line pole matches!! I had Sim paint them last year a barn red!! I am diggin it so much!! Excuse the mess of all of my rusty gigs there. Spring has just begun here in Michigan and we are just now getting rid of that blasted nasty sn-irt!! Oh my gosh we walked around the back fence line last night it looks like a battle zone out there from the ice storm back in December!! We have so much to clean up and trees to trim and cut. But what cha gonna do!! Main thing we are all ok and blessed.

And here is another gift from Sim. It's a cool basket that someone up cycled. I think I might put linens in it that I use to create with. It has wire around it. Not a very good pic but wanted to show it to you.

I just wanted to brag a bit!! Kaitlin goes to the University of Connecticut!! How cool is that they have been winning and playing in the final game!! YAY go Huskies!! This is a sticker she got me for Christmas. She got me and her Dad one. She's so sweet! But I really do miss her!!

Ok I am showing this to you to make myself make it!! LOL I tried to draw out a pretty sheep cuz it seems to me that all of my stuff turns out cutesy and whimsical which is ok cuz I guess that is my gig. But I had this pretty sheep in my head. Well after I drew it out and cut it out it looked liked a monkey. Brooke has been asking me to make a sock monkey cuz she loves them. But I don't want to!! LOL Anyways I was gonna make it but I was talking to Kaitlin and she said a monkey doesn't live on a farm. She was right I usually try to keep with Funky Farm House style!! LOL In this pic the black is a CROW!!! I have this ideal now going around in my head for a CROW!! So I am making myself make this!! LOL So no monkey but I must finish this CROW!! Kaitlin said I need to try to make a COW!! But the CROW came up in my head first!! LOL
I have been posting a lot on my face book page:
So if you wanna keep up with all my creations stop by and see me. I have three special orders I am working on. BUT I also will get that CROW done!! Soon!! LOL and soon I will pass these darn stones!!
Keep on Keepin on!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.