Monday, February 15, 2010

Another view from my window with God!

This is a Northern Flicker bird. This another view as I was praying one morning. It is an awesome bird,and is in the woodpecker family. It's about 12 inches big. It amazed me as I looked out and saw it! It has alot of yellow under it's belly when it flys! It has dots on it's belly as you can see, and stripes too. I think the red spot on it's neck kinda look likes a heart!  It has been coming back to feed alot! I am so blessed with the little gifts of God out my window. I am recovering from surgery right now and it is so awesome to look out my window. My husband has alot of bird feeding setups for me to watch, as I also spend alot of time in my bed with pain from my bladder disease I have. But God is good and sends these little gifts my way!!! XO