Friday, April 5, 2013

Well the Slacker is back!!!

 And Hello SPRING!!! I am so proud of these plants coming up!! They are from my MOM's funeral plant I got. I planted the bulbs last SPRING. I have never really been able to plant bulbs and have them grow except for lillies!!! So I am geeked over these!! Today I went out and raked the leaves off of them!!

We had a great Easter!! Our granddaughter Caylee came up to see us Easter evening!! We got her a jump rope and some sidewalk chalk and a few other things. She loved the jump rope and of course wanted to play with it right away!! I think she likes it!! LOL She is so cute. She will be 3 at the end of the month. We'll be seein her again soon!! Yay!!!
Our Easter was pretty busy. I ended up making two pies and two Apple Snickers desserts. I gave one pie to my neighbors and took the other to my SIL for our dinner there. Sim took one Apple dessert to work and the other I had for when the kids were up to see us. We had a very blessed Easter.
Then on Tuesday it was my birthday!! We went out for the best BLT pizza they make uptown at The Mountain Inn bar. I love the way they put them on the big tin cans to serve them!! I threw myself a party up there!! Sim is taking the pics, and that is my MIL, SIL, BFF and my two daughters Kaitlin and Brooke!!! It was alot of fun!! I brought cookies for us to have after the pizza!! I tell you between the big Easter dinner we had and all the desserts and then my birthday I have to go on a diet!! No kidding!!! I also had my yearly physical this week too!!  
Today Sim and I went on a date!! It was so much fun!! Just being together!! We went to Holly to the Goodwill. A friend had told me about it. I found a few goodies and some jeans I needed real bad!! Then we headed off to Fenton from there and no kidding we ran into a church sale!! I got a few goodies there too!!  Then it was out to lunch with a gift card!! Awesome food and dessert of course!! We drove to a boat launch Sim use to fish at and walked around!! Boy do I need to walk more!! LOL I am so glad the weather is getting better!!!
Kaitlin gave Sim the money to buy the wood to make me a shelf for my studio/office/craft/computer room for my birthday. He got it made and painted for me this week and after I get my goodies on it I'll share with you guys. I LOVE it. I have been working on some pigg orders!! Those little dudes are so darn cute. I also made another spoon nest.
And I LOVE this Mouse Pin Cushion that I up cycled from an Alpaca vintage sweater I got thrifting. I am thinking maybe I might keep this one for myself. LOL She turned out so sweet!!

So that is what I have been up to lately!! LOL I can't wait til I can go outside and work!! But I really need to get everything done inside first!! Guess I'd better get busy!! Right? Hope you are all doing good. Thanks for listening to Frannie Downer last time I posted!! Since then I got a couple of orders and I guess I realized when God closes one door He opens another one!! I am gonna be looking for those doors and not running into them!! Cuz sometimes the blonde in me does miss them!!
XOXO Love ya and peace out!!