Monday, October 22, 2012

Have A "BOOTIFUL" Halloween!!!

This beauty is taken in Avondale Cemetery in Flint, Michigan. It is probably the oldest cemetery in Flint and alot of families are buried in it. Including some of Sim's family. We were on our way to church and Sim turned so I could get some pics!! I guess he saw in my eyes OMG I want pictures!! Thank God I had my camera with me!! Yay!!  
God is awesome!! I love the beauty of His world in the simplest things. They are tiny little gifts everyday.

Thought I'd share alittle of my Fall decorating in my livingroom with you. I just added these cool crows from the $1.00 store to the shoulders of my vintage fur cape and vintage coat. It was so funny cuz Kaitlin hadn't seen them yet and we had our church ladies over for circle. She goes Mom when did you put those creepy birds on there!! The ladies laughed cuz they know me and never know what to expect from me!!! LOL
Today has been a great day I went and met a couple of cuzins for breakfast and Kaitlin was able to go too. Kaitlin and I hit a 70% off sale at JoAnn's for Halloween and Fall!! OMG!! What fun!! We got cute Secret Sister gifts on the cheap!!! I love when you can do that and get better priced gifts that way but for next to nothing!!! I didn't even buy one thing of fabric or any magazines!! I am really proud of myself for that!! LOL

Here is "Aimie Oakleaf" my new Farmgirl Rag Doll listed in my Etsy Shoppe!! She is so cute and matches my Farmgirl Pigg Doll "Acorn".
This past Saturday we had Ladies Craft Day at our church. Kaitlin took this pic of me with her groovey I phone. It is so much fun you bring whatever you want to work on. This is me making my new Mice pincushions. Good thing I didn't swallow that pin I had in my mouth!! LOL I finally got the Mice made exactly how I wanted and will be listing them tonight in the shoppe! So cute!! That one I am working on is from a cashmere sweater I am upcycling. Love it. I am even making matching pins for them. Pretty good for someone who is petrified of mice!! LOL
Hope you all have a great week.
XOXO Love, Fran.