Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nest Sweet Nest!!

This is a robins nest out in my back yard. You would not believe where they built their home!!! We had three big trees cut down in our backyard a few weeks ago. We are building a raised garden bed and we have not had time to put things back or in new places yet. I pulled down one of their nest from the kids old fort and they sure were upset. Then the next thing we know everytime we went out the back door, there was a robin flying. This is on my potting table and the rusty container is an old paint can!! I mean very rusty!! The funny thing is I rusted that paint can out on a dirt road in the winter time. They had started to rust and just needed some help! LOL I have a couple of them! Sim and I would go out there every so often so I could turn them!! This is one of the most rusty ones!! LOL Gotta love it though!!

Here are a few more of the pictures! Isn't Gods world so beautiful and amazing!!!
XO Fran.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Blissfull ATC Swap!!

Well I went and did it I got hooked on ATC's! Wendy over at  has a swap every month with a different theme. She ask me if I wanted to join! And of course I said yes. My friend and adopted niece over at tried to tell me how addicting they are!! LOL  I was paired up with the sweetest gal Debbie at . The theme for May was the movies! Debbie found out that I love Nancy Drew and she made this for me!! I love it!

Isn't this so cute, it is alittle booklet with the theme of the swap on the front. It is tied with the coolest ribbon in my favorite color orange. Debbie said the ribbon is from West Germany.

The booklet opens up and has different pages on it. On the last page is a little pocket where she put the ATC!

And this is a cute little note card she made me and tied it around some microwave popcorn!! Her presentation was so great! Thanks so much Debbie I love it all!

And this is the ATC I made Debbie. It is from the movie "Some Where In Time". This movie was made in Michigan up at Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour. It is an awesome movie. The movie was made in 1979 and kinda revolves around a 1979 penny and their love story. So I put a penny on it with a picture of them and used a vintage flower with some tulle and jewels and steam punk paper. I also sent her some Mackinac Island Fudge coffee with it. I really liked doing this swap and I am already signed up for next months swap!! LOL You were right Jill!!
XO Fran.

Monday, May 9, 2011

May Artful bag challenge!!

For our May challenge we are making paper purses again. I couldn't help it I just kept looking at the kleenex box in my bedroom thinking I know I can make a little purse out of that. The pattern is a real pretty green with white designs. I took the sides and cut them off and glued them together. Then I took some old lace I had and trimmed the bottom and up at the top by the handle. I made the handle out of some silver wire that I strung an old white necklace on I bought back last summer that was broken. I glued a shiny white button for the clasp. I love how this little purse turned out. It measures 3 inches tall x 4 inches wide. I decided to get some pictures of it outside with the only flowers I have in bloom!!

This little purse reminds me of Spring and I will be putting it in my bedroom! Look around, you never know what you will find!! XO Fran.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Caylee Roxanne is one years old already!!!

On Saturday we went down and celebrated Caylee's birthday!! She is so adorable!! There was alot of family there to love and embrace her!! In this pic she is looking at one of her presents!! To cute!!

Here is a picture of Papa Sim with Caylee and his son Ryan, Caylee's Daddy. By this time she was getting pretty tired. We had alot of fun and good food.

And this is my baby girl Kaitlin Louisa! She just finished her last year at Mott Community College with high honors!! She will be attending another college in the Fall and still be at home. I am so proud of her!! Seems like just yesterday she was a baby!! God has blessed me with such an awesome family!! XO Fran.