Sunday, May 1, 2016


Well I know I have been missing in action but I have been creating!! This has been a rotten Winter here! We have all been sick on n off!! You know that sharing thing that happens with families!! Well I think we have gone a bit overboard on it!!  
 This is a jazzy MOUSE MAKE DO I created on an old metal funnel. The Michigan Sun is shining in this picture so it might be a bit hard to see but it turned out really cool!! But I LOVE that Sun shining!!! Available in my ETSY SHOPPE!!
 This lil PIGG was a special order for a sweet lady!! I added an egg n chick to her. Jazzed her up a bit!! She's available MADE TO ORDER in my ETSY SHOPPE!!

This is a new PIGG in a Rusty Spring with a lil chick and hand sewn eggs!! I had a blast putting her together!! She's available in my ETSY SHOPPE too!!
At least I can create while I hang out in my bed!! Ha Ha!! Time sure flies by. I am looking forward to getting out in the yard and do some gardening.
What have you guys been up to?
XOXO Love Fran.