Sunday, August 19, 2012

What I did this weekend!!

I went out on a dirt road and collected these little beauties to make center pieces for a 50th Birthday Party I was going to. I was so happy when my Cuzin Debbie asked me to do the center pieces for the tables for her husbands party. It was out at their Farm and going to be outside. I knew I wanted to use canning jars and wild weeds. 

 This is what they turned in to!! Debbie had given me some gold and cream tulle and I tied it around the top of the jar. I left them alittle long and the breeze was blowing them just alittle. It looked cool.

It was a beautiful party given with love.

And then today I had a baby shower to go to. Awhile back Trace' ( shared how she makes clothes pin bags. I have been making a few for gifts and to sell. I love to upcycle so I have put my own Fran style on them. Sim made me a hanger from a twig and wire. I hand stitched the bottom closed and upcycled from an onesie that was stained onto the front. I coffee stained it of course!! LOL I added clothes pins to the bagg. I didn't get pics from the shower but I thrifted alot of baby clothes from my trip in the thumb. I pinned them onto a clothes line and had her pull it out there was about six outfits on it and two pairs of socks. It was really cool. I was proud of it! Nice time not to get pics!! It was such a fun shower.

Lot's of Pinterst and Etsy Decorations and ideals.

I won this groovy plant from one of the games!!

This was the side of the house I was at!! I am diggin those blue wine bottles! The house was gorgeous!! She has some of my creations and one of Sim's wind chimes!! It is made from 1930's kitchen utensils and a flour sifter. She has the wind chime inside the house cuz she loves it so much!! It was one of my favorites that he made!!

Here are two of my favorite Katie's!! Katie and her husband have decided not to know the sex of their baby til they have it!! She is due the 24th of September. She is so sweet. And that is my Kaitlin who just got her bangs cut this week. She hasn't had them since 6th grade. She's lost 50 pounds since January and felt like trying something new. I say "You go Girl"!! 

I am working on lot's of things right now, so it was a great break to stop and do something for someone else. I got my car back from car hospital. Thank God it wasn't anything major. It was a belt broken. Our weather was awesome this weekend alittle cooler but the sun was shining!!
XOXO Love, Fran.