Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!! and a few pics of our Hometown parade!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!!
I decorated my Garden Bike for the parade!!!

A big thank you to our Veterans!! They started the parade and I love how everyone stands up in honor of them!!!

And here are a few other pics of our Hometown Heroes!! These Firemen are so darn cute and went to school with my daughter Kaitlin. Little boys dreams of growing up and becoming Firemen came true for them!! We even had a rock band playing on a float! and guys doing karate right on a float too!! And the precious girls waving are from our Genesee County Fair Queen float!! Lot's of candy too cuz it's an election year!! Yay! My friend and I had our bags ready for goodies!! I love the tootsie rolls!!

And this little cutie is my Great-Nephew Owen!! He is checking out those firetrucks!! Hey maybe he'll be a Fireman someday!!!

I love going to the parades and look forward to it every year!! It was already very hot at 10:00 am today! Sim and I tried to find this 10 acre Flea Market that I heard about in another town but couldn't find it! Oops I forgot to get the name of the road!! Guys will just not ask for directions for anything will they?  LOL
Hope everyone had a great day I'll be back soon with more stuff to share!!
XOXO Love, Fran.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bagg Ladies day out and a few other things around the Homestead!!!

 On Saturday The Bagg Ladies and I were out doing a craft show at a benefit walk for Williams Syndrome in Davison, MI.

Here they are sitting in my old suitcase. I put them on my swing with my old quilt on it for their photo shoot. I am trying to keep this swing as long as I can and this quilt looks so cool on it. I got this old quilt for $5.00 at a yard sale on half off day!! Love it!!

On Saturday night we had our first fire of the season and made s'mores!! We also got this fire pit at garage sale a few years ago and is one of our favorite things to do!! 

  On Monday we went to the Greenhouse to get our plants for our new garden!! They have the prettiest gardens there!! These peonies were just gorgeous!!! My Grandma always had peonies and poppies in her garden.

There were so many pretty flowers!!!

This pond was so cool!! The turtle is a fountain and the pond had gold fish in it  and frogs jumping in it!! I could had stayed there all day just taking in Gods beauty.
And here I am goofing around again! Can you tell I was trying to pole dance!! LOL It really was alot of fun just going to the Greenhouse!! Sim can't take me anywhere!! LOL We are planting our garden and when it is finished I will be sharing pics!! We have to make a few more raised beds for it. Sim is working so we are doing alittle bit each night. We are having so much fun. This is our first garden together. It's alot of work but will be worth it.
Love ya, XOXO Fran.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've been playin in the dirt!!

This is the front of my house. I am trying to grow flowers that come up on their own every year.

I am so excited I finally have blooms on my clematis vine. It's alot smaller this year with this crazy weather! I have it growing up a piece of rolled up rusty fencing I found in the trash!! This is my biggest area of rustic items and I love them all!! LOL I plant in found or thrifted containers with flowers to bring in some more colors. And my Lily of the Valley is in bloom too. This originally came from my Grandmas through my Aunts garden. Hers was over grown and she was getting rid of it!! Score for me!! I have alot of mums the kids have gotten me. They bloom more towards Fall. That's why I like taking pics now and then later on to see how much everything has grown.

This corner garden is where my marigolds and lillies are. I feed the birds here too as I can see them from my bedroom window when I am drinking my morning coffee! This garden also has my chicken n hens in it. And I upcycled two of my bowling balls in this year as the colors match some gifts I received. This garden always fills in so much more towards Fall. In the background are our cars!! LOL The orange one is mine of course!!! Today at work someone stole Sims license plate! It makes me feel sad to think people do that. And it's also kinda scary!!!

This is one of my old gray granite coffee pot I planted in and added a flag. I love putting flags in to my containers!! I planted red geranium and pansies in this one.

And these are my favorite containers to plant in!! When my lab Cocoa was alive she would sneak out at night and get into my neighbors garbage. In the Spring I would find these rusty soup cans!! I kept them and plant in them every year!! As you can see I added more flags and red geraniums!!

And I thought I'd show you my Chicken Tortilla Soup I made for us for Mothers Day. It turned out so good and we love it here. Now with the new diet I am on I have a good reason to make it! I am trying so hard to adjust. I am a hamburg and french fry girl. I am finding myself eating alot of carbs right now and it's driving me crazy!  I am going to be planting a vegetable garden on Memorial weekend and I can't wait. Sim made me the cutest raised garden bed and I will show you after I get it planted! It is decorated so cute!! What have you guys been up to? I love seeing what everyone is doing!!
XOXO Love ya's, Frannie

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! Well Sorta and meet my new Raggedy Fran. Bagg Dolls!!

Drawing the winner of my giveaway!!!

I had Sim draw the name for me from my new cute planter and by the gnomes he just got for me!!
And the winner is Karen Hess!! Karen is a doll and lives in Arizona!! She makes beautiful jewelry and altered art!!! Yay Karen!!!

And I would like you to meet my newest Raggedy Fran. doll!! This is "Eliza Jane". She was so fun to make and is the second one in my newest design and all hand sewn. Her dress is made from vintage feedsack material that my dear blog friend Lea sent me!! I just love naming my dolls!! Their names just come to my mind as I am sewing them! She is very prim and grubby and was baked in the sun to dry! She smells yummy!! I will be listing her in my Etsy shoppe tonight. I just love her green raggedy hair! Her body is upcycled from an old flannel blanket. I have already started on number three!!!

Here is "Eliza Jane" with her sista "Libbie Rose"!!! Aren't they just so sweet together?

Thanks to all of you that signed up up for my giveaway!! I am planning on having another one this summer. I am also working on some upcycled clothes pin baggs!! I'll be sharing those sometime soon also!! I am getting my groove back and all I want to do is create!! LOL I made tacos last night out of ground turkey and they were really good! I was so proud of myself!! LOL  And I am eating right which is amazing for me. LOL
XOXO Love ya's Frannie

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello Blogging Buddies!!
I am celebrating kickin my kidney stone to the curve and decided to have a giveaway so you can help me celebrate too!!! I found out I can not eat red meats anymore I can only have chicken, turkey and fish! And that is ok with me!! Cuz I never want another kidney stone ever again!!! They are very painful and I am so looking forward to getting my mojo back and getting on with my life!! My doc gave me the ok!!

So in honor of what I can eat I am going to share some goodies with you!!
First you will get one of my prim dresses in the top picture. And also the three photos here of goodies. Can you see the chicken theme goin on? I got a box of Blueberry Muffin mix also this is from the Michigan Jiffy Mix Company. I love these little mixes. The napkins are so adorable!!! You'll also get the doily, little chicken, and note cards I placed in a gift box.

And also these little goodies pictured here!! The premiere of the magazine Vintage Style, some little ice cream bowls I added candies to, a little cupcake notepad, some patriot cutouts, and one of my little chicks, a chicken, and a cute little fuzzy bunny!!

I had alot of fun getting this ready for you guys!! So here's the deal just make a comment on this post! That's it!! I don't like complicated things!! LOL So I will have the drawing on next Tuesday May 8th!! One week cuz I am so excited for this and can't wait to see who wins!! I know how excited I get when I win!!

I also wanted to share with you our Grand baby Caylee!! She turned two this past week and we down to celebrate with the family for her birthday!! She is so adorable and very loved!! This is her Dad Ryan and her Mommy Christine. Caylee loved her little baby cake and even shared some of the icing with me!!!

 And I wanted to share this pic with you of my stepson Ryan. I love this pic!! He is just being Ryan. That is the cute bike Caylee got for her birthday!!!
So as you can see I have alot to celebrate!! Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway and thanks for stopping by!!!
XOXO Love you guys!!