Monday, July 19, 2010

Thought I'd show you another one of my creations!!

These are my Knob Heads that I made out of door knobs!! I designed these myself and I have a snowman head drawn out too!! Ready to make!! I made them with very grubby muslin that I coffee dyed. I used old buttons and hand sewed the eyes on with floss. I sewed on yarn for the hair that I grubbied up. I also used one of my grubby tags and pinned them on with rusty pins. I LOVED making these. I can't wait to make more!! I will be putting these in my esty shoppe!! XO

Saturday, July 10, 2010

God's beauty is everywhere!!

This is an old windmill in the thumb of Michigan. We were just driving down a back road on our vacation and seen this!! I love it! The first picture looks like a sunflower to me. It is an abandon windmill in a farmers field, just standing there by its self! It amazes me how God's beauty can be found in some of the most unsuspecting places! It's things like this that keep reminding me, that if I look around me I can see God, even in an old run down rusty windmill in a farmers field!!  XO Fran.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Some days you just want to climb the walls!!

This is a picture from our vacation that we took in June! Of course I was goofing around. This is a historical chimney in Port Hope, Michigan. You can see beautiful Lake Huron in the background. Today I do feel like I am climbing the walls! Our dryer broke, so I am washing and hanging clothes out on our clothes line, but it is 94 degrees out!! Because of the holiday our new dryer won't be here until Thursday!! You know I think I really do appreciate modern technology, even though I love vintage and old!!! Hope everyone is having a great Monday.  XO