Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My new make-do bird feeder, and meet "Acorn"

This is my make-do bird feeder Sim made for me. Last Friday I had surgery. He said to me I'm gonna go feed the birds. The next thing I knew he was sitting this feeder up outside the livingroom window. He took an old ladder some wood an old rusty pan hooks and my suet cake feeders to make it. It didn't take the birds long to find it!!

I love it and I am enjoying it so much!!

I get pretty bored laying on the couch so I whipped up another Raggedy Prim Pigg doll. This is "Acorn". I found this material at JoAnn's before my surgery. I am also making a Raggedy Fran Farmgirl with the same material. I had these acorns and thought what a cool ideal to put one on her head. I am listing her in  my Etsy Shoppe. She smells real yummy and looks very grubby! I love the way each one turns out so different.
I have been watching alot of reruns of The Mentalist and NCIS! LOL Thank God for cable TV!! We got a new internet provider and I am loving my cable! LOL Today I started watching Castle! it's a marathon! LOL Sewing and watching TV and the birds.

I have also been taking little walks outside. I couldn't believe it when I saw that my clematis had blooms! This is always one of my first flowers to bloom in the Spring!! So I'm wondering is it Fall or Spring!! LOL
 My pain is getting better so I will be getting out n about more and I can't wait!! As you can see I am going crazy! LOL But at least I have Gods world to look at!!
XOXO Love Fran.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Can ya dig it!!!


We were out to eat last night for Kaitlin's birthday and Sim and Kaitlin both tell me it might freeze overnight! So when I got home I jetted outside before it got dark and picked tomatoes!! I canned some today and will finish tomorrow. I had fun and it was such a Fall thing. I even made chili. It was yummo!

The shelf where the two jars of tomatoes are siting is my hallway that Sim is remodeling for me! It is made from barn wood and the furnace is behind it. I have never had a pantry before and he is making the closet into one for me!! I am so excited and can't wait for it to be done. He will be painting it too. It is a color called Cork board, it is going from green to a brown. These are some old signs and license plates he put on there! Love me some rust!! LOL

Meet "NutMeg" my newest Pigg Doll!! She is very grubby and smells yummy! I put nutmeg in her special coffee/spice mixture. I love everything about her. I am making more pumpkins and another Pigg Doll can't wait to get her done.

Yesterday was My Baby Girl Kaitlin's birthday. She is 22 now. She just got her license as a GISD special needs bus driver. So my cuzin who is a Wilton teacher at JoAnnn Fabrics made her this awesome Bus Cake. She even put her bus #86 on it. Ok as you can see the bus looks like it is slipping off. I was the one that transported the cake home. It got hot in my car and when I picked up the box it was in it slid into the box. It even looked like it had a flat tire! Don't laugh at me cuz things like that always happen to me!! BUT Kaitlin loved it anyways! She took it with her over to her Dads for her b-day dinner, cuz Kaitlin and her Dad are both bus drivers for GISD. The only father/daughter bus drivers for GISD!! 

Well that's pretty much what I have been up to. Keepin busy and creating!!
XOXO Love ya, Fran.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Fall Ya All!!



Here is some of what I have been up to!! I've been making pumpkins!! These are all upcycled from vintage bedspreads and the orange one from an old vintage al- paca sweater. I love how they are all different in their own way. I also love making them!! I have most of these listed in my Etsy shoppe. Let me know if you want any. I will be making more. I have a few craft shows coming up too. I am getting excited about that!!
I made another "DOG RAG DOLL". Her name is "Milly Mutt". She is listed in my etsy shoppe. She is so cool and hip and was a blast to make. "Betty Bow Wow" went to a good home in Michigan!! Milly is lookin for a good home too!!


On Labor Day we had a family picnic. Caylee our grandaughter loved the new swing Papa Sim made for her from a tractor seat!! 

We also have a new grand dog! Kade is not a puppy but they just got him. He is so sweet and loves to play fetch with the ball, over and over again!! LOL
You know how it is when you have family over and you always think you don't have enough food? Well I was worried and Sim and Kaitlin kept telling me not to worry! I did have enough! LOL I kept thinking of how Jesus fed 5000 with five loaves of bread. I made tuna salad. We had brats and Koegel hot dogs, chips n dip, pop, beans(my speciality from a can) and cut up veges from our garden!! Thank God for the garden!! And we made two pies the one from pinterest we have been making all summer. One was pink lemonade and the other was orange. I still vote for the pink lemonade! Sim was gonna make me write him a paper on how I did have enough! LOL
Next week I will be canning tomatoes like crazy!! I am excited!! We actually grew them! Yay! I'll be making more pumpkins and little pigs. So til next time keep on keepin on!! Peace out and take care!! XO Love ya, Fran.