Monday, March 4, 2013

I canned tomatoes today!! SAY WHAT!!

 I made some tomatoes that I upcycled from an old 80's like sweat shirt. I put one into blue pint size canning jars with a little bit of moss in the bottom of the jars. I tied twine around the jars and added grubby tags. One says "Maters 1876" and the other one says "Maters 1878". These jars are alittle bit worn n chipped but perfect for these kind of tomatoes that won't spoil!! They both have the old zinc lids. I love how these turned out!! I'll be puttin these in my etsy shoppe.

See my cute little pig on the rusty spring!! After I get done fixin her up she'll be headed for the shoppe too!! I designed her and grubbied her up real good!! I wanted her to look like she's been playin in the mud out in the pasture and boy does she!! And she smells good too!! I kinda feel like I have been working on the farm around here. I also have another sheep ready for her prim bath!!

I also whipped up this sweet pen/pencil holder for myself for in my gettin clean n organized craft/studio/office/computer room. I have been working on cleaning it for about a week now. I have been watchin alot of DVDs I haven't seen in awhile and just doing it. This pen/pencil holder I whipped up from an old door knob. The bird was my Mom's and I had the pencil and added the tag that I made along time ago. I also used a real bird feather and pinecone. Funny thing this door knob was given to Sim Saturday night from a friend for his bird houses he makes. Sim doesn't know yet that I snuck into the box of goodies and got it!! OOPS!! But I LOVE it sitting on my desk.
I believe I have SPRING FEVER!! LOL The sun was shining here in Michigan today and I had a smile on my face all day!! And I just heard it is suppose to be close to 50 on Friday and the sun is gonna shine for the next few days!! WOO HOO this gal is gettin her MoJo back and lovin it!! I can not wait til I get my studio done!! I have so many things I want to make!! And before I know it I can go outside and play!! Hope you all had a sun shiny kinda day too!!
Peace out!! Love ya XOXO Fran.