Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A hidden beauty and meet "Lu Lu"!!

We have a town not to far from us called Frankenmuth. Some of you may know it. It is made to be like a German town. It is one of the cleanest towns and full of beauty and good chicken dinners. We went there last night with my Mother in Law for Sim's birthday. It was on the 15th but she hadn't gotten with us yet. So Sim picked Frankenmuth to go to. We had the family style chicken dinner. Oh my goodness alot of food but oh so good. This is a pic of the herb garden I love there. I have been to Frankenmuth quite a few times so far this summer. It's only 15 minutes from here.

I thought this clock was kinda cool.

They also have these carriage rides you can take. They are kinda expensive but very cool to ride in and hear the history of the town.

This pic is kinda blurry but the shrub is made in to a chicken!! Cuz they're famous for the chicken dinners!! It is really cool and there are so many beautiful flowers. This is just a few. I never get tired of going there. In the winter they have beautiful ice sculptures. This town always has something going on. They are also known for their beers. German of course and many more!! LOL There are alot of gift shops too. And always lot's of tourists!! From near and far!!

 Meet "LU LU"!!

"LU LU" is my newest addition to thebagglady76 etsy shoppe!! My first one sold already!! "LU LU" is so cute. I added jewels to her. I love her bracelet and upcycled lady bug on her nose!! You can check out my etsy shoppe on my sidebar. I have been in a cleaning and creating mood lately!! LOL I hope it lasts!! The heat was so bad I didn't feel like doing much! But now that I've got my mojo back I am rockin n rollin!! But I did hear we are in for more heat this week!! Bummer!! LOL  Talk to ya later!! XOXO Love, Fran.