Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kicked Out Some New Funky Gigs!!!

I made these cute lil  Kin Folk dolls for someone special and I really am very happy with how they turned out. They have lil chickens on the dress and a bird and nest on the Mama and a sweet bow on the lil kin. I sure love makin these. Each one always turns out so different in their own way.
This lil beauty also turned out so awesome. Just like I imagined in my head. lol  I love the lil necklas I also made for her. She's quite grubby and smells yummy. She's available in my etsy shoppe.
I kicked out another CROW COFFEE COVER. I SOLD out of these at the show I was in actually the 2 shows I was in at Christmas time. I believe they are much better lookin in person.  I also realized that not only do these cover coffee mugs, and to go coffee cups, they fit a quart mason jar perfect. If you keep your coffee in a jar this would be so cool.
Been also kickin out kidney stones again so a lot of down time for sewing!! I tell ya I am so looking forward to  spring n summer time!! I like sewing but not like this!! lol Gonna be listing the coffee cover soon in my shoppe.
Love Fran.