Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've been playin in the dirt!!

This is the front of my house. I am trying to grow flowers that come up on their own every year.

I am so excited I finally have blooms on my clematis vine. It's alot smaller this year with this crazy weather! I have it growing up a piece of rolled up rusty fencing I found in the trash!! This is my biggest area of rustic items and I love them all!! LOL I plant in found or thrifted containers with flowers to bring in some more colors. And my Lily of the Valley is in bloom too. This originally came from my Grandmas through my Aunts garden. Hers was over grown and she was getting rid of it!! Score for me!! I have alot of mums the kids have gotten me. They bloom more towards Fall. That's why I like taking pics now and then later on to see how much everything has grown.

This corner garden is where my marigolds and lillies are. I feed the birds here too as I can see them from my bedroom window when I am drinking my morning coffee! This garden also has my chicken n hens in it. And I upcycled two of my bowling balls in this year as the colors match some gifts I received. This garden always fills in so much more towards Fall. In the background are our cars!! LOL The orange one is mine of course!!! Today at work someone stole Sims license plate! It makes me feel sad to think people do that. And it's also kinda scary!!!

This is one of my old gray granite coffee pot I planted in and added a flag. I love putting flags in to my containers!! I planted red geranium and pansies in this one.

And these are my favorite containers to plant in!! When my lab Cocoa was alive she would sneak out at night and get into my neighbors garbage. In the Spring I would find these rusty soup cans!! I kept them and plant in them every year!! As you can see I added more flags and red geraniums!!

And I thought I'd show you my Chicken Tortilla Soup I made for us for Mothers Day. It turned out so good and we love it here. Now with the new diet I am on I have a good reason to make it! I am trying so hard to adjust. I am a hamburg and french fry girl. I am finding myself eating alot of carbs right now and it's driving me crazy!  I am going to be planting a vegetable garden on Memorial weekend and I can't wait. Sim made me the cutest raised garden bed and I will show you after I get it planted! It is decorated so cute!! What have you guys been up to? I love seeing what everyone is doing!!
XOXO Love ya's, Frannie