Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nest Sweet Nest!!

This is a robins nest out in my back yard. You would not believe where they built their home!!! We had three big trees cut down in our backyard a few weeks ago. We are building a raised garden bed and we have not had time to put things back or in new places yet. I pulled down one of their nest from the kids old fort and they sure were upset. Then the next thing we know everytime we went out the back door, there was a robin flying. This is on my potting table and the rusty container is an old paint can!! I mean very rusty!! The funny thing is I rusted that paint can out on a dirt road in the winter time. They had started to rust and just needed some help! LOL I have a couple of them! Sim and I would go out there every so often so I could turn them!! This is one of the most rusty ones!! LOL Gotta love it though!!

Here are a few more of the pictures! Isn't Gods world so beautiful and amazing!!!
XO Fran.