Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And where oh where did November go?

An exchange; a barter.
Awhile back a very good and adopted blog friend who calls me Aunt Frannie asked me if I wanted to swap one of my Pigg Dolls for a surprise!! I said for sure!!! Jill is a folk art artist and creates the best altered art!!! She re-did this cool car for me for Halloween and made two felted dolls and a ghost for it!!! I LOVE it!!
As I look back I can't believe I didn't blog one time!! But the month sure got away from me!! I went and started out with the flu and bronchitis for the first two weeks!! I was so blasted sick!! And then I had to get myself going and back to playing Cinderella. I had a craft show I did but was still feeling run down. But I did it.
Last weekend I did two days up at our Farmers Market. That was kinda cool cuz Sim was there with his birdhouses and my niece and sister in law with their jewelry. I always like doing shows where I know people!!!
 I made up some gift baskets in berry baskets. I use to make gift baskets a lot but they are so expensive to make.
 I also have been making these LiL Scrappers hand made and designed by me!! The birds and tomatoes on wooden thread spools!!! Oh my goodness I love making them a lot!! I also used a bottle cap to put the moss in. They measure 3 1/2" high. They would make a cool pin keep!! LOVE them!!! That red one is calling my name!!! LOL
Here are a couple of my new creations!! "Papa Hoot" SOLD!! He was kinda cool and up cycled from a wool skirt I got at the Salvo. I added a cool mustache to him. A very wise Owl!!!

A new Snowman doll that I thought looked like a bird with the carrot nose up and down!! So I named her "SNOW BRYD". She is still available in my Etsy Shoppe!!
And you know how I LOVE a challenge. I had someone ask me if I could make this dachshund kinda like one she had seen on Pinterest as she couldn't find anyone who made them. This is not exactly like the one on Pinterest but is my own design. I made three of them!! LOL The one in this pic is my favorite!! I made it from an old vintage coat a friend have given me to use!! I used faux fur for the neck and an old vintage rhinestone button. Old vintage buttons for the eyes. And red cashmere from a sweater for the hat!! Oh I just love it!!! 

This one I used the same color brown felt like most dachshund's and a little baby Santa bootie for the hat with a gold jingle bell. Gold trim with one of my little grubby tags I make that says "Santa Paws".

 These little sweeties measure 3 1/2" high x 8". They are all hand sewed. I will be making more of these for sure!! I can see them for Valentine's Day!! I have one more that I need to finish the hat up on!!
Well that is alittle bit of where I have been. I swear time just seems to fly by so darn fast!! I got my surgery date for December 13th for my bladder. I am trying to get everything caught up for that. I have my last craft show this Saturday. AND the most important thing is Kaitlin is coming home the 19th of this month til Jan.6th!!! My Christmas is gonna rock!!! I miss my baby girl so much!!!
I actually think I am excited about Christmas sometimes I am not!!! We are putting up the tree tomorrow. I have missed blogging but have been keeping up on my facebook page!! Stop by and like my page. You can find it on the side of my blog. Come and see what things I can get myself in trouble with!! You know me!! LOL
XOXO Love ya Fran.