Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And so it begins!!!! and what I am up to!! (hee hee)

THE FARMGIRLS and I have been busy this past week setting up and working at the craft show at my church!! I co-chair this one and WOW is it hard work doing both!! I have been a bit tired the last few days!! LOL I told Sim somehow my legs hurt really bad and he laughed and said Fran you've been going up n down steps alot and carrying things!! Guess you find out what muscles you don't use alot after you use them!! LOL So glad this one is over. I have three more I am doing but at least I am not in charge of them!! Now I can enjoy them a bit more. It was a good sale and I got to see quite a few people I have not seen  since we graduated from school quite a few years ago!! (will not mention how many!!) Facebook brought out alot of people. I still love my hometown after all these years.
I was trying a new pricing gig. My friend Nancy had her neighbor who was moving give her these heart photo clips that she used at her daughters wedding reception. There was about 80 of them. I have a bunch of old playing cards. So I used a black marker and wrote the price on the card. I think I really like it. What do you think?

Check it out!! This is my new "Wynter Thyme" CROW HANGER!! I am making 4 of them and this is the first one. I really do love the way they are turning out!! Took me a minute to figure out how I wanted to decorate them. I made the hat from the sleeve of an old sweater. The scraf is actually crochet (two by Kaitlin and two by me!!) or Crow Hooky-ed if you know my friend Trace'!! That is what she calls crocheting and how flippin cool is that!! Perfect for these dudes!! I am even  re-teaching myself to make the pom poms! LOL I am getting it and kinda diggin it! I actually forgot how easy they are!! LOL I grubbied this dude up real good and made one of my handmade tags that says "Wynter Thyme". I wanted them to be able to stay out longer than Christmas decorating. This one is listed in my Etsy Shoppe. Gotta finish the last three!!
 So this is what I have been up to. Now just gotta get rock n rollin for the next three shows!! WOO HOO I do love it!! We are having Thanksgiving at my SIL house again this year. I will be helping her tomorrow making pies and other goodies. And the best thing is Caylee Roxanne will be there too I can not wait!! We have not seen her in awhile and she is growing up so darn fast!!