Friday, January 25, 2013

Say it isn't SNOW!!! and my groovey Moustache!!

So we got snow yesterday and again today! Ok no big deal everyone is gettin it BUT I have to drive in it!! And I am the biggest Chicken Little in the SNOW!! I know I am a Michigander and have been all my life BUT it is the one thing that makes me have anxiety! I have to drive to a Women's Retreat I am attending about 50 miles away. My cuzin is going with me and her car is broken!! So my saving grace is that it is for God and I will be just fine!! LOL But it's still snowing God!!! (trying to put a plea out here)
Here is my new groovey, pin keep, make do, ornie, tuck, prim and grubby, upcycled "MOUSTACHE".
I used an old vintage black n white photo of a dapper young man with a "stashe" I had. I added some lace, an old button, paper punch crown, and pearl embellishment.
I also added a brown vintage button, and made some pins from an old vintage necklace that I broke and bummed myself out about. Paying it forward with the pearls. This is a pattern I drew out myself and I LOVE how the whole thing turned out! I am very proud of this one!! It is listed in my Etsy Shoppe.
Hey as I am finishing up this post the sun is shining!! Woo Hoo see I just needed to get it out to my BBF's!!(best bloggin friends) Thanks for letting me Boo Hoo for a minute!! Gotta go pack and get myself off this computer!!
Peace Out, XOXO Love ya Fran.