Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting back on my feet!!! and a few more creations!!

 It feels so good to be getting back to reality after a week pretty much spent on my couch!! Here are some of my little prim and grubby dresses I make. They vary in sizes, from 5-6 inches, to 6-7 inches. I have put little grubby tags on them, labeling them for different things the little girls might to do. I put a pin apron on the chore dress. They have twig hangers tied with jute to hang them on pegs or wherever you like. I have a few more of these made up and ready to be grubbied up! I am geting in the crafting/sewing mood! On my first outing yesterday with Sim, we went and got the paint for my craft room! I am so excited!! The color is called Macaroni!! I wanted the color to be like the color of burlap. I am making little candy holders out of toilet paper rolls right now. They are turning out so cute!! I'll show them when I get them all done. The trees are so pretty here right now. I just love Fall. XO Fran.