Friday, July 6, 2012

Meet "ABBY KATZ"!!!

ABBY KATZ is my newest Raggedy Fran. Doll!! She is for sale in my Etsy Shoppe(located on my sidebar). I hand sewed all of her and she is my own design. She carries a little hippie bagg with her Sweet Annie she gathered from the farm. Abby loves hanging out in the barn. Her dress is my own design too. It is upcycled from a cool polyester I thrifted. She is wearing one of my grubby tags with her name on it. I added a fish pin to hold her bagg on. She is a very well behaved cat!! Don't ya just love her whiskers? And she has alittle bell on her collar so you can find her!!

But I bet this is where you can find ABBY KATZ hanging out most day! Gathering her Swet Annie and looking for mice!!

Hope you guys are doing good. We are under a heat advisory and I am praying for the safety of everyone! We also had a storm in our county and over 27,000 people are still without power. We are blesed we are not one of them. I am watering my garden everyday and praying for rain. We do not have air conditioning. But are staying cool anyway we can. I've been sewing to keep my mind busy. It's to hot to cook or even clean. I know one thing for sure the house will wait for me!! LOL I pray all of my blogging BFF's are staying cool and healthy. Just wanted to check in with ya's!!
XOXO Love, Fran.