Sunday, January 29, 2012

My heart is broken.

(Nana and Kaitlin)
My sweet Mama went to be with the Lord yesterday. I am trying to cope. I haven't blogged as it has been a rough week. She got very sick in just one short weeks time and passed away unexpectly. I was with her when she went home to Jesus. I realized my last post I did was on her birthday the 17th. My Mom is very much in my livingroom. I will be back soon as I love to blog and be with you guys. I am asking for prayer for my family and I. The support we are receiving is just amzing! God is good and so is family! Thanks guys.
Love, XO Fran.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh how I love Vintage!!


I have been working really hard to clean my living room for the last few days. This is my most favorite room to clean. It has so many family and vintage items that I display in it. This is the most fru fru room I have in my house. Kaitlin calls it my museum. LOL But when her friends come over they love it and think it's cool!! Sim and I put this room together when we were getting ready to get married. We had alot of dates at Antique Shops and Estate Sales. We have old family photos in here from both of our families. And some that are not in our family! LOL But I loved the picture!! I have the hardest time at sales not buying old pictures!! But I do control myself!! LOL This is a vintage dresser that we got and I have family jewelry boxes on it with alot of jewelry. I just bought the old jar that says 50 years together on it at the Goodwill for a $1.00. I put alot of my brown and gold jewelry in it. I do wear some of the jewelry in here. And I also use some of the purses.

I love old fur anything! I rescue it all the time from sales or people give it to me. This fur cape here was just given to me from a lady who passed who was cool lady!! She was so pretty and and very hip for her age!! I feel very blessed. I got some jewelry and a few other things too. See my mink teddy bears? I love them in my old train case!!

This is an old dresser vanity I reused from the Salvation Army a long time ago. I have these old pictures of guess who on there!! Me!! My grandma always took me to get my picture taken up in town. I remember those days real good!! LOL My favorite is the one with me on the phone. My Dad and Mom met at the telephone Company. They were divorced when I was two. I have alot of my rhinestone jewelry displayed on here. Sim made me the lamp out of old books.

I am just taking you around the room. This is my end table out of suitcases.  I love leopard print too and have added alittle of bit of it here and there. I got the 50's lamp from a church sale. I have an old fur collar from a coat in the window with gold frame family modern pictures. And I won the silver creamer from a giveaway from the Tin Rabbit Blog.

 I wanted to share this pic to show you three items I bought from local Esty Artist at Shows this past December. The old book page ball is really cool! I got the base from my Mom who was getting rid of it cuz the lid was broken!!! And the old Michelob bottle behind it, I found in the dirt a few months ago while out hunting just for junk like that!!  The tag is from one artist and the paper and button flowers are from another artist!! I love it!! That tile there I will soon be upcycling with a old black and white photo I have and some old book pages. I will be using it for a coaster.

This corner is really cool with a screeen Sim made for us out of two vintage rockin doors. He put vintage knobs on there to hold my old purses. These fur cape is very special to me. It was bought for my Mom from my Step-Dad when  I was growing up. She wore it alot!!!! I have a few of my smaller items displayed on this three teir 50's table. The coat is vintage and on one of my old manniquins.

This little display next to here is old vintage cupboard doors Sim made in to a screen for me also. I have old fur collars on it once again I rescued from sales. I was given the telephone and old camera on the little end table. This table use to be my Grandmas. She refinished it. I put the black knobs on. My Uncle Billy is in the picture. He was killed inan auto accident when he was 11 years old. I never him.  

This is an old 50's vintage mirror we got at an estate sale and I display jewerly and my little shoe collection on.

This is Sim Dad's Marine uniform. We have it displayed with a few other things. We have all the letters he wrote home to his Mother.

 We just seprated the flag, hat and a few other things over to this old TV cabinet. We had to use the trunk we had it on for our new TV. Trying to use what we have and save money. We put my Grandmas picture inside where the TV picture use to be. We had our other TV on top. We love this TV cabinet. We got it at an estate sale for $8.00. Well, that's it. I hope you're not to bored! LOL But thought I 'd share a part of me and what I love with you. Thanks!!
XOXO Fran.  


Monday, January 9, 2012


I sure have missed blogging!! I started getting better from my surgery and then I got a really bad headache which actually made me lay low for a few days. And then I had to catch up!! LOL But in the mean time I wanted you to see what I have been working on for awhile!! This little beauty is going in my Etsy Shoppe today!! I have been designing this Crow Doll in my head for awhile. And I wanted to make a Raggedy Fran all sewed by hand! And here she is!! What do you think?

  This is her head and shoulders and you see the floss I used to sew her whole body. This is my own pattern. I grubbied everything up really good with my special coffee/spice mixture!! She smells yummy!!

I handmade her bagg out of a piece of white chenille bedspread that is really grubby. The rusty pop top is the only thing I used glue on. The strap and bagg part are all hand sewed in a blanket stitch.

I made her a grungey grubby Pin Apron. I pinned it on with big rusty safety pins. Her dress material I thrifted from a church sale. I love how she turned out. It was so funny when I was outside taking her pic there was a Crow in my Pine Tree Cawing!! I couldn't help but laugh!!!

I wanted to share with you a little Woolie Love gift I received from Trace at She is such a sweetheart and just so full of love and fun!! I feel so blessed to have received one of her love gifts!! She has the best personality! She loves to create. She posted on her blog about crocheting. BUT she calls it CROW-HOOKY! I love it!! Since I love Crows I picked right up on what she calls it!! LOL

So, I thought I would share with you what I am going to CROW-HOOKY!! I realized that I don't share what I get thrifting alot with you. On Friday Sim and I went to the Salvation Army store. I found this really cool hat in the picture. Brand new and all made for me!! Yay!! I remembered I had seen that color yarn at the store a few weeks ago. So I went and got it and I am going to CROW-HOOKY a scarf for me!! I'm not the best at crocheting but I can do scarves.

I also wanted to show you what you can do with upcycling!! This is the end of our porch and it is a weathered pallet Sim brought home from work. Pallets are so available and used so much. We have a pallet on each end of our porch.

And this is another pallet Sim got from shipping from the store. He cut it up to the lengths he needed and made this shelf unit for his garage. It was a bigger pallet and not as weathered as the one on the porch. Amazing isn't it for a little bit of time Sim has a new shelf for the garage with no money spent!! I thank God for the little things He provides us with. We are so blessed and live a good life. Watch out you may never look at a pallet the same again!! LOL I am so glad to be blogging and seeing what everyone has been up to. Happy New Year a week late!!
XO Fran.