Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today is this Beautiful Girls Birthday!!

This is my daughter Brooke and today is her 31st birthday!! In case you haven't noticed she does not look like me!! BUT she is my daughter!! LOL None of my kids look like me! Why is that I wonder? She is a ray of sunshine at times and I love the sound of her laughter. She works at a Workshop called Freedom Works and they help her to get jobs. She makes jewelry and right now she is making the coolest bracelets out of the pull tabs from pop cans and ribbon. They are so awesome. She also loves dogs and was working at a dog grooming place here in Mt. Morris but the job ended, so she is hoping to get one somewhere else.The workshop is helping her to look. She is also working towards Independent Living in an Apartment. As you can see she loves to talk on the phone all the time!! LOL Brooke had seizures as a little girl at the age of 2 1/2 and it damaged her brain. She can't drive a car but loves to go bye bye with me alot!! LOL She is a blessing and pretty much a rock star at the workshop and loves to help others. Just thought on this special day I'd introduce her to you!!! Brooke and Kaitlin are half sisters and that is why they don't look to much like each other either!! LOL We will be celebrating her special day with a baked potato bar here at the house and some special cupcakes!! God gives the best gifts and that is why I am sharing Brooke with you today!!
XO Fran.