Friday, June 24, 2011

We found the cutest creek!!

It's called CHERRY CREEK!!!

I found it on the map and asked Sim to take me to find it!! It winds down and around the farmers field and road. I fell in love with the name cuz I love cherries! We had this free little map we got at the gas station with the back roads on it. He gave in and we went on an adventure!

It's a little muddy looking but it winds through the farmers field and the cows drink from it!

This is Sim coming up from checking it out! I am so blessed that he will take me on the simplest adventures just because!! We realized it is only about a mile from where we stayed!! and it flows out to Lake Huron with the blue water!!
 Thinking back on our vacation today and kinda wishing I go could back and see Cherry Creek again!!
God's world is so beautiful you can see it everywhere even in the simple things!!
XO Fran.