Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sharing some new eye candy with you!!!

I changed out the coats on my mannequin's. These were my Mom's. I remember her wearing them when I was growing up. When I was cleaning out her closet I found them. I love them in my living room and the colors and style are perfect! I added my collection of fur jewelry and gold poodle pins to the gold coat. My Mom was a fancy lady as she had worked from the age of 17. When I was growing up we also had a poodle named Pepi.

I have been busy with my Mom's estate but God is awesome and I have her trailer sold to my friends son and his family. My Mom prayed for Josh when he was in the Navy and over in Iraq. So he is already covered in prayer and my Mom would be so happy!! Josh and his wife Jen are so excited that they are getting the trailer! And that makes me happy too! They are so cute and have three adorable children!!
I see the lawyer tomorrow and then when this all done I can get back to creating!! I think it is gonna be very healing for me!! I am working on a "Bluebird" Raggedy Fran doll right now. I will be naming her "Rosie" after my Mom. Her name was Rose Marie. One of my last calls to her was to tell her I had a bluebird on my porch!! She told me it meant happiness!! Just thought I'd share with you and let ya know what I've been up to!!
XO Fran. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love me some Estate sales!!!

Oh my goodness today Sim took me to an estate sale! Just thought I'd share with you what I got!! I love these three bottles and they were only 50 cents each!!! The two red cap ones will be going in my kitchen and the fancy shaker in my studio. I love old bottles!!!!

This sweet embroidery cloth and baby shoe was in a 50 cent box!!!  

This recipe box I picked up to replace a black plastic one I have that I use. I love the color of it. And this fruit bag I will diffently find something to do with. It will go in my kitchen. The box in my craft studio.

I got these two pieces of vintage material to make more of my Raggedy Dolls. I have been drawing new ones out. I can't wait til I get my muse back so I can start them!!!

And  I got these two small muffin pans to use either for myself for baking or for sorting my projects I am working on. I got all of these goodies for $9.50. It was a great day of thrifting!! The house was really old and was actually three houses put together through out the years. Lot's of old barn wood. It use to be an operating apple orchard. I could have looked more but there were alot of people there. Everyone was having fun and kinda overwhelmed I think. Sim did get me a black typewriting table that he is gonna fix up for me to go with the vintage typewriter he just got me as a surprise!!! I can't wait to use that typewriter!!! Like I said I just gotta get my muse back!! 
XO Love, Fran. 


Friday, February 3, 2012

How do you mend a broken heart!!!!

It has been a really hard and long week for me. I have been so blessed by my family and friends. I love to create and it is very healing for me. So I've picked back up where I had left off on my sewing and creating. My Mom was one of my biggest fans!

This is my newest Crow Doll. Once again I hand stitched the entire thing. I baked her up real good in my special coffee spice mixture. She smells so yummy!!! I made her a slip out of real grubby muslin and her dress is real prim with vintage buttons. I love this Crow Doll!!! She will be listed in my Etsy Shoppe soon!
I loved making these little shamrocks by hand from grubby green homespun. These will be listed in my shoppe too.
This is a tag I made for St. Patrick's Day from a manila folder and a Beer advertisement I picked up at Sim's store from the beer display. And a flower out of grubby green homespun and a button from my jar.
I signed up for a winter stick pin swap over at Tee's at www.thealteredpaper.blogspot.com. I loved doing this swap! I tried to make mine as prim as I could. My partner Oliva likes snowmen and prim.
These are the pins  made to go in the little snowman pocket. I really loved making these pins.

Here are the pins I received from Oliva. They are so pretty.

I have so many ideals in my head to make. LOL I am drawing out patterns for more Raggedy Fran's. So I guess I am mending my broken heart by sewing and creating and going through my Mothers things and photos. I am falling in love with my Mom more everyday.
Thank you so much for all your prayers. XO Love, Fran.