Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Grannie Frannie Thyme!!!!!

We had the greatest surprise on Friday! We got to watch Caylee Roxanne while Ryan and Christine went to a wedding class. Boy did we have lot's of fun with her!! She showed off for us and played. We have this old vintage swing out front and I have been wanting her picture on it ever since I got the swing!! We got some great shots of her and I. She is such a girly girly and I love it! Her most favorite blanket shown here in the pic is faux fur!! I asked her if that was cuz Grannie Frannie loves that! She came running to me and hugged me real hard!! My heart melted!!!

This is Aunt Kate (my baby girl) helping Caylee to eat her pizza! She loves to eat pizza!!

Sim put one of my vintage hats on her and she kept it on for the longest time!! That is Aunt Brooke (my oldest daughter) with her in the picture. The wedding is in August and she is gonna be the cutest little bride like her pretty momma!! You know I'll have lot's of pics of the wedding to share!!! XO Fran.