Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hey I think I'm rockin n rollin now!!! Woo Hoo

Behind this disguise is me (on the left)!!! Oh my goodness I think I can blog now!! WOO HOO!! This is me n my cuzin Kathy at our annual Cuzin Cookie Exchange Party!! We had a photo shoot and made our own props!! We had so much fun. We eat and play Bingo. It was at my house this year.

This is a pic of my Sister in law Carmen on the right and my niece Nicole her daughter in law on the left. Nicole is so sweet and makes the most beautiful jewelry they were up at St. Mary's craft show in my hometown.
I am so proud of Nicole she has a lung disease and keeps on going making this beautiful jewelry and doing alot of shows!! We all get alot of her creations for gifts. Sim bought me a necklas and couldn't wait til Christmas to show me!! LOL But I have to wait til Christmas to get it!! He has just about given or showed me everything he's gotten me!! LOL

Here is another Crow Hanger I made and added to my Etsy Shoppe. These turned out so darn cute. I am workin on my Snowman but still need to get to the thrift store. The first one is gonna be in warm n natural. Time seems to be flyin by to fast!! Especially since I need to do so much!! EWW!! I will be sewing alot next week. And I am lookin forward to it.  Like I said I am so glad to be back bloggin!! It was rough there for awhile.
XOXO Love Fran.