Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet my Friend Amy!!!

Amy from www.lifeinpinkhitops.blogspot.com is so talented!! She can sew cook and remake just about everything!!! She is married with three children and she loves the Lord!! I have been blessed to be friends with Amy. We live in different states but I know she is always there! This is one of her new aprons! She upcycled this from a mans oxford shirt. She can crochet anything you can think of!!! Amy does wear  high tops all the time and they are pink!!! She doesn't like to have her picture taken but this is her in the picture!!! LOL I just love this picture!!

Here is another one of her new aprons! This and other items she makes are listed in her etsy shop www.lifeinpinkhitops.etsy.com.

Amy is also very giving. She is having a giveaway for this apron on her blog. Stop by and say Hi and sign up to win this beautiful apron. Check out her recipes she shares too. I feel very blessed to know Amy and I just wanted you to meet her too.
XO Fran.