Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bagg Ladies day out and a few other things around the Homestead!!!

 On Saturday The Bagg Ladies and I were out doing a craft show at a benefit walk for Williams Syndrome in Davison, MI.

Here they are sitting in my old suitcase. I put them on my swing with my old quilt on it for their photo shoot. I am trying to keep this swing as long as I can and this quilt looks so cool on it. I got this old quilt for $5.00 at a yard sale on half off day!! Love it!!

On Saturday night we had our first fire of the season and made s'mores!! We also got this fire pit at garage sale a few years ago and is one of our favorite things to do!! 

  On Monday we went to the Greenhouse to get our plants for our new garden!! They have the prettiest gardens there!! These peonies were just gorgeous!!! My Grandma always had peonies and poppies in her garden.

There were so many pretty flowers!!!

This pond was so cool!! The turtle is a fountain and the pond had gold fish in it  and frogs jumping in it!! I could had stayed there all day just taking in Gods beauty.
And here I am goofing around again! Can you tell I was trying to pole dance!! LOL It really was alot of fun just going to the Greenhouse!! Sim can't take me anywhere!! LOL We are planting our garden and when it is finished I will be sharing pics!! We have to make a few more raised beds for it. Sim is working so we are doing alittle bit each night. We are having so much fun. This is our first garden together. It's alot of work but will be worth it.
Love ya, XOXO Fran.