Monday, February 4, 2013

"LOVE" is in the air!!!

I signed up for a Valentine Swap over at Erica's We had to decorate a heart shaped heart box and put goodies in it for our partners. I used an old vintage book I had. I wanted to tell a "LOVE" story on it like you keep your love letters in it.
I used the chapters that said Unforgotten Years and Harvard. I "LOVE"-D that it made it look like she had kept their love story from their Harvard years!! I found this image online. Perfect may I say!! LOL The yellow rose is coffee dyed and it is so cool on there!! I "LOVE" "LOVE" the way this turned out!! And it turned out true to Fran style!! LOL I was so excited to get it out I forgot to take a pic inside of what I sent Krista. But I filled it with some vintage goodies and some little Valentine gifts. I even put a vintage rain bonnet in there as you can see in the pic it is raining!! She "LOVE"'s vintage earrings and I put a few in there also.

And this is what Krista sent me! I "LOVE" it!! She used some of her own vintage earrings on the front! She put alot of work into and I "LOVE" it!! I also got a garland she made me but I am gonna post that with my Valentine post to show you! She filled it with lot's of goodies!! Krista could use some LOVE n prayers as her Mom passed away last week. I know how it hurts. Thank you.

I am working on a top secret project which is almost done for s swap I am in over at Amy's. My partner is Janice and she is a Michigander too!! She is amazing. I am so glad we are partners. More on that "LOVE" project later this week. I feel very blessed and "LOVE" paying it forward and being creative!!
Have a "LOVE"-LY day guys.
"LOVE" ya to the Moon n Back!!
XOXO Fran.