Sunday, February 16, 2014

Can you guess what it is?


Yep IT's A GIRL!!
And we are all so excited!! Her name is gonna be Madeline Grace and she will be called Maddie!! She is due on July 1st 2014. All of the grandparents(there are a lot of us!!) found out at the same time via text!! I was driving down the highway and when I read it I started to text back cuz I was so excited and then remembered no texting while driving!! LOL
This a special mouse I made. I made it for a super fan of thebagglady76. She was so loving and always routing for me!! She got very sick on Super Bowl day and never recovered. Just fine one day and the next not!! She is from my extended family but an awesome lady. I named the mouse "Kylie" using her initials in the name. I am going to be passing this on to my cuzin. But I already have another one cut out and ready to go. After I looked at it I could see it kinda has that sweet baby look to it!! I am in baby mode I guess!!
On Valentine's Day Sim and I went to the For-Mar Nature Preserve. They had a Valentine's Night for Couples and it was all FREE. It was so well thought out and fun!! We lined danced went for a Winter Nights walk and as you can see here it was so cold! But yet so beautiful!! Walking through the woods was so beautiful. We watched for Night Owls and actually heard one!! We had hot chocolate at one of the stops and a fire to warm up by. Then we went in and we played "The Dating Game" well Sim and I were picked as couple#2 and Guess What we won!! Kaitlin said she had no doubt we did which made me feel good. She said you guys know each other so good!! LOL I am so glad she sees it!! We also went out for dinner before we got there at McDonald's and used a coupon!! These are the kinda dates I really dig!!

Besides the mouse I have been working on this special order. This is a make-do pig I made on a rusty hoe head. I love making these. This is the second one I've made. This "PIGG FARM" is going to PA. I hope it brings Spring with it for Jennifer!! I am just working on more gigs to keep myself busy. LOL And maybe out of trouble too!!
Keep on Keepin on!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Come on in and have a cuppa coffee with me and catch up!!! I have been havin a lot of coffee lately. Just trying to stay warm!! LOL My regular in the morning and then in the afternoon for a treat Sim and I have been cleanin out the hot chocolate from the cupboard and adding it to the coffee. My fav was the cocoa with the cherry in it!! And I had some whipped cream in the fridge. Oh my goodness!! Winter loveliness in a cup!!!

And no kiddin once a week I have been makin chili!! Brooke asked me why I have been makin chili so much (she hates tomatoes and doesn't eat it)!! LOL I told her it is keepin me n Sim healthy!! It's warm n good!! Got anther batch in the fridge right now for tomorrow nights dinner!!
Isn't this the cutest pig? I got it from my Secret Sister at church for Valentine's Day!! Oh my gosh I just Love it!!! It's a piggy bank!!!

Sim and I went to the Tractor Supply Store the other day for suet cakes for our birds. When we saw these suet cake holders we just had to have them!! They are so perfect for our porch!! The one is a tractor and as you can see the other one is a Rooster. I just love them!! And look the sun was shining today!!
Woo Hoo!!


And I can't believe I forgot to show my new vintage Farm table!! I got this back around the time Kaitlin left for Connecticut. Right now I am using wooden folding chairs at it til we get a new (old) one for Sim. He is gonna paint the legs a different color later on. I was so excited as most of my vintage tablecloths I have fit it!! I love changing them around.

This is my chair we got on the yard sale trial back in August. I am just waiting til Sim finds his and we get all the stuff together. We have to get our roof fixed before we can re-do the kitchen dining room. Til then I am just gonna use the wooden ones. I want to keep my chair yellow. I am still workin on the living room but hope to share soon!! I finally got new rugs for the living room.

And I also can't believe I forgot to share my Squirrel I made with you guys!! This one is for me!! I am keepin her!! I just LOVE how she turned out!! I don't make to many things for myself. But this is a keeper. And I LOVE the squirrels as you know!! LOL 


Here are a few things I have been workin on around the funky farmhouse!!
A gathering I put together for staging a pic.
A cool "Farm Chick" heart shaped vintage pin cushion I put together. It's already in the thebagglady76 etsy shoppe. It turned out so cute!!
Another "Farm Chick" pin cushion from a cutter quilt heart shaped piece. I put a muslin piece on the back. On it's way to the shoppe.
Well that is alittle bit of what I have been up to!! Keepin busy and then sometimes just layin low to keep warm. I sure have been watchin a lot of cable re runs. But I love it. Sim got the flu last week and he has only called into work 2 times since we got married in the last 14 years. One was last week. SO I knew he was very sick. As soon as he got sick I went and slept in the living room. It was a good call as I didn't get it. My immune system isn't to good. LOL
And last time Danielle and Nick went to the doc they couldn't find out what the baby was. But they have an appt tomorrow and we are hopin to find out!! The baby is healthy though so far and that is the important thing!! And Nick got the job he interviewed for at Menard's. Things are goin good!!
Take care and stay warm n cozy!!
XOXO Love Fran.