Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just some things I love to recycle!!

Just thought I show you something I love to make!!! I've been making these little pin cushions for awhile now. People just love them at the sales I sell them at. It was kinda funny how I got the ideal for them. I kept seeing a little girls dress shoe on the side of the expressway I always travel on. I kept thinking I can do something with that. But knowing it's to dangerous to stop on that part of the e-way. I didn't get it. Then one day I was looking at my cutter quilt pieces and thought I know, I can make pin cushions combining them both! Plus I love to make the tags too. I always buy any cutter quilt pieces I see as it breaks my heart to see people cut them like that. I also use vintage materials. Right now is the time of year I pick up the sweet shoes, and look for more cutter quilts at the sales. These are the ones I have left right now. My next adventure of using something to recycle from the expressway is the brown liquor bottles I see!! This time I did stop and get one as it is a safer place to stop. I told my friend and she just kept saying" you really stopped and got the bottle?" She couldn't believe!! But I did!! LOL and my daughters friend came in and saw it drying on my dish drainer and said "Fran. you don't drink"!! I told her and Kati what I was doing with it, both just shook their heads and understood!! I'll show ya that when I finish up with it!! Here is another cute one I did alittle country/prim style. The scuffs are from the little girl who wore them!! Love it!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some shabby love for White Wednesday!!

This is my first time hooking up with Kathleen over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday. This is our bedroom which is shabby and a bit girly. But my husband is ok with it, he has his TV, flicker, cable and sports channels!! Most of the items are from our dates antiquing, yard sailing, treasure hunting or from the curbside!! I just love our room!!! Here are a few of our vignettes.

This is part of our alter where we pray together.

This is an old window from Sims childhood house. We got it when his mother put in new ones. The black and white photos are not family members, just kindred spirits! (we have alot of them in our room!)

These are a couple of my old hats, and lily of the valley flowers in frames. The big frame was found in our neighbors trash!!

The top picture is a shelf out of old architechtual salvage, with some of our treasures we have gotten along the way. The bottom picture is the top of my dresser with more special treasures.

This is the drawers with an old vintage bed jacket from my Aunt Mary and a beaded purse. The handles are old door latches, hooks, pulls, and handles.

This is a memo board with more of my treasures on it!

This is another dresser in my room with vintage finds. The pictures are of my son Danny and daughter Brooke. That is old grates on the wall. Old frame, glass block, vintage hat on the lamp, and some more goodies.

This is an old chippy door we use as a wall by our bed. The photos we got an estate sale here in town. It is a picture of a brother and sister. The candle holder is an old lamp part.

This is our window, I use old vintage slips for curtains with pull down shades. The picture is hand painted and found at the Goodwill painted by one of Sims family members who died. He had painted it for his friend and when his friend died the family donated it! and we found it by chance as it is signed!! We knew the name from studying Sims family history! We have a couple of other items we got this way too!!!

This area is not pink! But the glare from the sun made it look that way. This is in one of the corners. The sign is the front of an old drawer, and my friend painted it for us.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Caylee Roxanne and our Father's Day Cookout!!!!


Papa holding Caylee Roxanne!!!!!

Aunt Kate holding Caylee outside at the cookout!!!

                                        Proud Papa with his sons!!!
We had a Father's Day cookout in our backyard!! The weather was so great and sunny!! We had a blast and loved on Caylee, of course she was the center of attention!! Ryan is the proud Daddy holding Caylee, and Nick is the one trying to be cool!! LOL It was so good to have them here and made Father's Day so special!!!! Can't wait to see her again!! She'll be 8 weeks tomorrow!!  XO Fran.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

"The House That Built Me"

"I know they say you can't go home again. I just had to come back one last time. I thought if I could touch this place or feel it, this brokenness inside me might start healing. Out here it's like I'm someone else, I thought that maybe I could find myself, if I could just come in, I swear I'll leave. Won't take nothing but a memory from the house that built me."
I love this  Miranda Lambert song. The words are so perfect for something that just happened to me. This is my Grandma's house I grew up in most of my childhood. This is the front and back porch where I played all the time. Over the years my Grandma's house became very run down and neglected. But recently it was totally remodled on the inside and out and is for sale by a realtor. I don't live in this town where the house is but I was going by there one day on my way to somewhere else when I saw what they were doing! As I went by I noticed that the old windows were leaning against the garage. I told my husband (my hero) that night what I saw. He said on the weekend we would go and try to get them. So we did! But it wasn't that easy! Sim called the realtor on the for sale sign and talked to him and offered to buy two of the 9 pane windows. The realtor said that he didn't know what the workers were gonna do with them but he'd let us know. Well, we thought for sure we'd never hear from him. The very next day Sim was at work and he called!! The workers had taken the windows and some other materials up to the dumpster in town and they laid the windows on top for us so they wouldn't break and we could have them for free! Sim called me and said he had good and bad news!! The bad news was the windows were in that dumpster! and he was at work!!! Well, I grabbed my daughter Brooke jumped in the car and drove to Davison a thirty minute ride, praying all the while that they would still be there!! Brooke and  I looked at every dumpster up in town and we couldn't find them!! But she looked over by the railroad tracks and said Mom there's one more over there!! Guess what that's where they were!!! So I climbed up in to that dumpster and Brooke and I got both of the windows and a few pieces of wood trim!! I told Brooke I wanted to stop by the house one more time. She took these pics for me with my cell phone! I just keep thinking of that song. And this is the house that built me!! Thank you Grandma for the memories!!! XO Fran.