Monday, September 20, 2010

Are ya ready for another one of my creations?

Here are three very grubby and prim dresses I made. These are probably one of the grubbiest things I have made, or maybe not! The dress part is sleeveless, and I used a linen type fabric. I gruubied it up with coffee and spices and let them dry on clothesline outside in the sun. The little jackets are ragripped and sewn. The sleeves go out straight, because I put a small branch from one of our trees through them like a hanger. I tied a loop on the twig in the same material as the dress. I have alittle tag that says prim dress on it with a little safety pin. These dresses are 18 inches long, and a little close to 17 inches across the sleeves.

There two with ticking material jackets, one is alittle lighter blue, and the other one is more navy. And one has little hearts that are mauve with a lighter blue print. I loved making these. There is just something about prim dresses I love. I also have some smaller ones made from calicos and homespun I will show you next. I wanted to get my etsy started, but due to me having to have surgery on this Friday, it has put me behind. Any of my creations you see you are interested in just let me know. I'll be back soon with the little dresses!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My gift from God twenty years ago today!!!

My daughter Kaitlin was born 20 years ago today! So hard to believe!! She's already in her third year of college!! She is a hard worker and high achiever. She is very involved with our United Methodist Flint District and is the head of the Young Adults for all of the Flint District. She is putting together a Breast Cancer Walk through the United Methodist Women for the Flint District in October. She is designing the shirts, and they are green and pink, and say "Walk by Faith". Which is what she does.
She is a special sister to her brother Danny who is autistic.
She is a best friend and a big Detroit Tigers fan!!

She is a beautiful young lady and a blessing to our life.
Happy Birthday Kaitlin!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thought I'd show you our little Caylee Bug!!

Caylee is four in a half months old now. She's smiles alot and always seems to have this cute serious look on her face!! We went down and had a cookout with the boys and their girls. It was a beautiful day. Caylee is so cute, of course!!  

Here is Grannie Frannie and Caylee just chilling in my lawn chair. I got two of them at an estate sale. You can see part of my daughter Brooke in the yellow one. Note that mine has brown and orange! I love them. This is Labor Day weekend and I can't believe summer is almost over!! Today our weather was really chilly and windy!! I loved it, I made a pork roast in the oven, and was loving the heat in the house!! No humidity!! I even canned tomatoes!! I got 2 quarts and 3 pints!! It's gonna be so awesome to have them for chili this winter! and the best part is the tomatoes were given to me, free!! Sim and I went to a bomb fire tonight, very chilly and alittle rainy, but it was nice to wear jeans and sweatshirts!! Kaitlin and I did alot of cleaning and getting stuff for a benefit rummage sale for a family in need. It feels good to be able to pay it forward and still get some things done here. Suppose to be warm again tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. XO Fran.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sharing some love, friendship, and a little nesting!!!

Back in June my friend Lori did a bird swap! I was on vacation and tried to sign up through email stealing wifi from behind a coffee house. Well, me and computers, mainly me do not work well together, so I sent it to cyberspace, one again. When I got back I resent an email to Lori that she actually got. The swap was already assigned, but Lori has the biggest loving, caring heart, and said she would swap with me. I really love crows. She does not!! But she sent me some cool things. I wanted to share them with you. One I am saving to show with my Fall decorations. Lori knows I am planning a new craft/studio. So, she sent me this awesome burlap holder with black birds on it and she tied all of these ribbons on it. I have decided on these colors for the room. And of course my favorite brown and orange.
I've put my Where Women Create magazines in it. They fit perfect and I only get them with my 40% off coupon from Joann's. Most of the time I go to Borders, have my chai tea, warmed chocolate chip cookie, and look at all the magazines!! I am always writing things down. One of my favorite dates with Sim.

Lori made this awesome sign for my new room!! I put some of my favorite things with it!! The birds nest is a real Robins nest that Sim's Mom gave him for his birthday if he came over and got it!! He got two of them!! Those robins build some awesome nest!! I love my coffee and this coffee cup! This special sign will be going right over my desk area where I can see it!! The weather is finally starting to break alittle here in Michigan and that means we can start painting real soon!! I can't wait!! Thank you my friend Lori for letting me put alittle bit of our friendship in a room that will mean so much to me.