Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting my March Artful Bag Challenge just in time!!!

Our challenge this month was to take any kind of bag we had around the house and embellish it. I remembered that we had gotten this canvas bag at a yard sale when we filled a bag. It actually had been in Sim's trunk since then. I am not a horse person but just kept thinking about it. I also knew we had a photo of Sim's Dad when he was a little boy on a pony in the front yard of his house. We are out of ink on the computer so I took the old photo up to Rite-Aid and had a copy made. It is alittle yellow but I think it gives it the old look still. I put it on one of my handmade coffee dyed tags I make. I also took the bag itself and grubbied it up with alot of coffee dye and cinnamon. The bag had been washed before. I had the burlap webbing for another project I never got around to. The gold star in the corner is covering up an ink stain. The black netting and pearl rosette was a bobby pin I bought from the store on clearance. I just cut off the bobby pin. I really like the way the bag turned out.

We saw Caylee Roxanne over my Mother-in-laws this weekend. Sim put her hat on Caylee and I took a picture of them!! I thought the hat goes really well with the bag!! And it is a picture of Caylee's great Grandpa on the pony. He died before Sim and I were married. So the bag means alot with the picture on it. 
I still can not wait til this yucky winter weather leaves!! I have been so sick the last few days with a sore throat and even a fever!! I just want to get some spring cleaning done and the house all cleaned so I can create more!! 
XO Fran. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello and Happy Spring!!!

I was pretty sure Spring was here. I saw my first Bluebird!! and my first Robin last week. In the first pic there is a bluebird on top of the feeder and down in the right corner a Robin!! BUT I do live in Michigan and there is a Winter Storm watch for tomorrow with snow, sleet, and freezing rain. I hope it stays up north of here!! I am dreaming of gardening and being outside!!!!

I thought I'd share with you what Kaitlin and I have been doing. I know so many people are having tough times right now and we are no different. So as one of our ways to cut back and try to get ahead we are couponing!! We work together. Cutting and sorting, and matching sales is a job. But we figure we are making money by doing this. We are planning meals too and eating much more healthier. Here is a picture of the last two receipts from when we did our shopping.

We call this our extreme couponing!! On March 4th we saved a total of $105.49 with a savings of 50%, and on March 18th we saved a total $104.57 with a savings of 53%. That makes a total savings of $210.06 in two weeks!! We shop at Kroger's, Sim is a grocery manager for them. It helps with our gas too. Now that our family and friends know we are doing this, we are getting alot of coupons given to us. I appreciate it so much! I have also been using coupons for eating out. It's kinda funny cuz I'll say, wait I think I have a coupon for there! Sometimes it makes the decision alot easier as where we are going!

With having more stuff in the house we were able to make this really good Greek pizza last night! Our church ladies make soup-to-go once a month and yesterday at church they realized the refrigerator wasn't working.So the bread dough started thawing. They were selling little baggies of it for a donation so they didn't have to throw it out. So for a $1.00 donation we made this yummy pizza! We had everything we needed and this kind of pizza doesn't need sauce. Kaitlin is a very good cook, and does alot of our cooking. I'm pretty good at washing the dishes!! LOL I love to bake more than cook. I am really looking forward to more couponing and saving. I am also looking forward to being able to get out and garden and ride my bike.
XO Fran. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

This is the Stuff!!!!

Thought I'd share a picture of Caylee Roxanne with you!! She is getting so big and will be turning one next month!! She has the most beautiful blue eyes like her Papa Sim!!!

I wanted to share this video with you. It is my favorite song right now! It reminds me of myself so much! I did lose my keys for two days and I never know where my phone is!!! So I guess it's ok to laugh at yourself and then remember just how blessed you really are!! Cuz I know I am!! I have been adjusting to some new medicine. I think it's gonna work for me it's just gonna take some time. I am resting alot with it. I have been creating but would like to do more. I am working on the curtains for my craft room and messed them up! That's what made me think of this song!! So I keep telling myself "even in the middle of my little mess, I am very blessed!!
XO Fran.